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Beer – #139 – Schipper’s – Scallywag

Schipper’s Scallywag – a Rich Amber Ale – From the Schipper’s Beer Company Brewed at Aotearoa Breweries in Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand

Schippers Scallywag5.5% ABV in a 500ml bottle. (2,2 Drink units) of either an  Amber Ale or ESB ?

This beer has a velvety balance of malt and hops that makes it very easy to drink.

Seems they dropped the premium packaging and went for comedy label ?

Brewery in Newmarket – let me guess….. Lion!

But I had a pif of a day and perhaps a comedy beer will make things better.

So: Light, Amber, no so bitter, and a bit chemical is what I have in mind….

It’s actually decently hoppy!, I could be eating my own words (or drinking my own beer), very decently hoppy and has a fair bash of sweet malt note too. a decent off white head and me licking my lips, Seems like a bit of a winner.  Lovely dark chestnut colour too. All round goodly good.

This already has session beer all over it, an IBU of 45 means that you’re not going to end up puckering every moutful and a bit looking forward to the next one. And at low/mid strength this will carry you all evening.

There’s no hint of the alcohol or any additive that I was afeared of, and I’m refreshed and altogether in a much better place than I was earlier.

The pdubyah-o-meter says 7.5 things good on it’s scale of arbitrary, making this a beer to reach for if you have any doubts about the other offerings in front of you .  It could do with a bit more malts and a bit of length on the palate if it was to push through and become a benchmark, as it is though it’s a good solid if unspectacular beer.

If only I had another !


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