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Beer – #164 – Geek – Coconut Porter

All in then on a Geek Coconut Porter- Brewed by Geek Beer in the style of a  Porter and they weave this magic in Windy Wellington, New Zealand

Never had a Geek beer – but couldn’t pass this one up. A 330ml bottle of a 6% ABV beer (1.6 Standard drinks), and at 30IBU this isn’t going to be too challenging middle range bitter.

Geek - Coconut PorterGeek Coconut Porter is a dark robust porter with a depth of flavour created from a wide range of carefully selected malts with the addition of toasted coconut. The intriguing aroma and rich chocolate flavour makes for a truly delicious beer. You could even say it’s Geekalicious.

Aroma on opening of desiccated coconut and of chocolate, it’s like confectionery.

Dark pour, no head, not even a hint of one, it’s almost dead flat calm, even though I know I could hear carbonation a happening. The Aroma remains a dark rich fruity base.

And a confusion of tastes follows. Mostly burnt fruit. But of coconut there is some, not all up in your face but you can hear it singing on the wings.

I’m betwixt and between on this, it seems like it should be heavier but it’s a bit thin on length. There is a magnificence of chocolates and fruits and coconuts, but  there could be more.

It’s ok, but they could all be turned up to 11, as it is though this lacks lenght, and turns into a rather sweet experience that might make it a longer drink than you’d like.

The pdubyah-o-meter after a first flush peters out to a rather disappointing 7 things on its scale of things. I would have liked more, I’m glad I came, and it won’t put me off another.



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    May 11, 2013

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