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Star Trek – Into the darkness – oh dear.

Star Trek – Into the darkness

I just saw the movie.

There are a few things that I have questions about.

Underwater ?
Can fly in an atmosphere?
‘short’ distance from Earth, well known planet and situation, (they have a debrief about it) and yet un-exploited (by characters like Mudd?)

Tribbles ?
Mudds Spacecraft still in dock and ready to go?

He cries?

The all new Dreadnought class can go faster than Warp?

And can transport people through shields? – “What are you doing there?” and apparently despite shields being up,  you can enquire if the “beam” can be blocked, and it’s only a lack of power that prevents you?

Quick phone call to a reclusive and looking a bit worse for wear ‘Old Spock‘ to ask how it ends?

No way of blocking communicator traffic, and they work from one end of space to the other – Can you hear me Scotty ?

Re-animation using a newly extracted “serum” from blood, takes 2 weeks in a human, hour or less in a troublesome tribble.

Carol Marcus – random character – like the mirror of the man in red in the landing party – gratuitous underwear shot, has managed to defeat many security checks and walks onto a spaceship – just like that, oh and how important?

Many and varied ‘alien’ species, already in contact and employed in Star Fleet.

And Earth has no missile defence system ?

and we finish with a  5 year mission to explore and discover new civilisations  ?

But it’s a  jolly good roller coaster of a ride. Khan is great, the new play on the old plot is fantastic and I’d watch it again. For those who remember the Star Trek series the first time around, this play well to the nostalgic and doesn’t stray too far away from comfortable. I do hope however that the next film doesn’t have a bald woman, whales, and a satellite that’s gone all Wal-E, but a Genesis project might go well, if only they could figure out how “old spock” didn’t do that bit.



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