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The less of me for May

The less of me for May- A moth where it ended in abruptly and in tragedy

Lessof Me May

  • 8Runs – that’s half of what I expected
  • 42.06 kms kms in total
  • 5.2kms average per walk-out
  • Fastest 5km improves all the time 32:53  – remembering back that it was 44:03 in December when I really started to go for it.
  • Weight  dropping slowly – now at 94 kg, but only because I ate to comfort myself in the last two weeks.
  • New shoes – I brought some more New Balance shoes M1010, They’re still in the box unworn.


So to recap then.

I hurt myself.

I’d got to 498 kms and wanted to get to 500 (in total), and I went out in the morning. I had a “tight” right calf, but stretching seemed to ease it, in my head. I’d got less than 500 meters where I stopped to stretch it again, and nearly gave up, but mistaking the pain as being similar to the pain that shins sometimes give me I pushed ahead.

Then at the furthest point from home I’d stopped to walk a bit, the calf was quite “knotted” and I thought I’d walk it off, but I came to a junction and then the gentle downhill bit that I really enjoy. So I ran accross the road, in the way you do to beat the truck that’s coming up. and that’s when the tears started 😦



The burning stabbing that indicates some part of your body has given up.  For those of you that know this is both painful, embarrassing and confusing.

So there I was in comparative agony  by the side of the road, unable to walk, and some kind passerby stopped and offered me a lift home, I was sweaty and grimacing but still they stopped. It was incredibly kind and thoughtful and I hope that i’d be as charitable if ever I had the chance.

Cold pads and hot water bottle’s for a few hours, compress bandage and rest.

Oddly I had no problems standing on top toes had a full range of foot motion but I couldn’t walk in any coherent way, and getting down stairs was pretty impossible for the first day.

In the week since, it’s calmed down a lot, only aches if I’ve been sitting for a while, and doesn’t like being cold. I massage it daily and use deep heat (you know that stuff that smells like locker rooms, the opposite of chick-magnet”

I’m really itching to get back and exercise, and will have a gentle walk tomorrow.

And there you have it – May done and dusted, some wins, a few set backs, a few compliments about how less fat I am becoming. It’s all good.


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