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Beer – #183 – Galbraith – NZ Pale Ale

Brewed by Galbraith Brewing Company in the style of a  India Pale Ale (IPA) and they do that right here in Auckland, New Zealand. Galbraith’s pub, also known as meeting Room G, we went there that often 🙂

Galbraiths - NZ Pale AleA 330ml bottle of a 5% ABV beer, thats about 1.3 standard drinks.

Pale in name, but not in nature. This is a full bodied beer, with a unique malty flavour balanced by New Zealand Southern Cross hops.

Hop bitter aroma, lovely deep amber golden pour, and a reasonable head from a well carbonated brew.

The aroma settles but remains hoppy but on a sweet malt base.

It’s softly bitter, and there is a lovely dash of maltiness in this. Although a reasonable range of tastes this isn;t overly long.

It’s ok, but then it should be, and based on my previous experience of the brewery this is on point for them. This is neither too bitter or to sweet,  there is a lot of carbonation, and it’s very well rounded. I do like the hop spiciness in this, it’s a pleasant note.

The pubyah-o-meter rattles to an 8 making it a very good on the scale of randomness.  It’s a shame I have only the one as this would settle me for the evening and go well with some honest food, like chips.


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