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I’m actually being a bit lazy. I didn’t start out thinking I’d post a blog only  about beer, and beer, I had this grand plan to write about other things like food.

I also though you’d all be dead interested in my meanderings towards fitness. in Pdubyahworld all this is true.

So in other non-beer related news:

I went to party for my friend Bruce. He’s just got to 50, and is fairly successful and happy. What kind of present to buy? I thought long and hard and in the end it seemed the thing to give him, a thoughtful and personal gift, something to treasure and unique. A picture of me.

ME with ME

The perfect gift for the man who has everything, a picture of me.


That’s not all though, I found a book – The Dangerous book for middle aged me. It might give him some inspiration.

It probably won’t.

IT was nice to catch up with friends that we haven’t seen for a while and  guess what, each and everyone of them lives their life vicariously through the achievements of their children. I kid you not.  Being fair though we did all meet via the said children at sports, and they’ve all done well and won medals and trophies.

It’s a nice thing that keeps us together.

I also discovered that Twitter has a grid view of the twitpics that you’ve posted  That’s a bit of nostalgia there.


Also in haste brought a Polar H7 heart rate sensor.


It’s not compatible with the anything I own.

That sucks. Still it was very cheap and I am impulsive. Might try to sell it or even give it away to someone that might use it.

And before you make recommendations I have a work iPhone 4. not the 4S, the 4. And it’s not compatible with the Nike Sportswatch either. So really limited in it’s use.

NB1I wore my New Balance shoes today, the yellow ones.

I had the brightest feet on the waterfront when I went for a walk with MrsPdubyah. I should have worn headphones and I might not have heard the laughter of children.

But then I’d probably laugh if I saw someone wearing them too, which is why I run a night, people will only see a blur of day glow fluro coming at them at ankle level, they won’t notice it’s at a snails pace.

I’m also at a flat spot in my weight loss, I managed to get to 92KG at one point, but I think it went to mu head, it certainly went to my stomach, and now I’m stuck at 93kg, I guess it comes down to portion control and self control (see above for story on impulse buying and self control).

imagesOn the less impulse and more thoughtful side I did buy some new suits.

The downside to that is that I had to get new shirts, and then it turns out I have more purple and pink shirts than is prudent to have.

And I don’t really like the latest thing which os the checked shirt, makes it look like you’re wearing a dishcloth or tablecloth.

Also, you know that thing where you say to yourself “don’t spill coffee on your new pants”, that doesn’t work, I spilt coffee on my new pants within the first hour.

MrsPdubyah less than impressed with that.  Also I now how to polish my shoes, another chore I’d forgotten about

shbbrctTalking of Impulse buys…. Cut-throat razor.

I’m not sure at which point that became a good idea in my head, but I went away and brought an entry level model that you use with disposable blades, the old school type of blades.

Anyway that’s a terrible idea unless you have hours to shave. Also slicing a chunk of your face off doesn’t have the desired effect on the ladies, and you have to make feeble excuses about why you look like you’ve been savaged by a mountain lion.

So a roller coaster of a thing, which I’ve shared for no reason. But then it’s not a beer post so I feel I did ok.



2 comments on “The one that’s all about me.

  1. Paul Ballarin
    August 30, 2013

    Have had a cut-throat (http://www.fendrihan.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/DOVO-solingen-mother-of-pearl-straigh-razor.jpg) for many years but have had to stop using it,hands are not as steady as they use to be.

    Just purchased Scimitar Double Edged Razor (http://www.goodfella.com/razor.html)

    p.s. the GOODFELLA after shave balm is one of the best I have used.


    • Pdubyah
      August 31, 2013

      I still have to build up the courage to use the thing, but I will, when it’s warmer and I have a couple of days set aside in case it all goes a bit wrong


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