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Beer – #197 – The Twisted Hop – Sauvin Pilsner

The Twisted Hop – Sauvin Pilsner, Brewed by The Twisted Hop in the Style of a Pilsener and they do that in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This is in a rather plain 500ml, bottle and at 5% ABV it’s about 2 standard drinks.

The Twisted Hop - Sauvin PilsnerA pilsner for hop heads! A New Zealand variation on the German style of pilsner using bucket loads of Nelson Sauvin hops

So, not a lot to go on there then.

I have a feeling that this is, according to the bottle neck, past it’s best by date. But that you have to look, and have to work hard to find it is a shame, and what can you do if you’ve ended up something that’s ‘dated’?

Nothing in he aroma on opening to give you any clues about the contents. Poured pretty flat, although there was a spirited fizz, the thin head dissipates rather than hang around. Pale Golden colour it looks quite nice, and there is a nice nose of hop grassiness.

You can tell this should be better in some way, there isn’t anything in the way of citrus backing to the hop taste. For something that is so hop-centric there is surprisingly litter bitterness in the taste range.

It’s ok but it’s not a big hitter, and it’s an early finisher, even a bit thin.

However as it sits the hops just take over and dominate the palate, making this almost uncomfortable to drink and enjoy. It’s better colder.

The 6 on the pdubyah-o-meter makes this a bit average, but just short of good. I think on a hotter day, this would be a cracking beer to have with lunch. As it is though it’s winter and I’m inside, and this is all the entertainment I have to hand.

I might check out the best by date and give this another go as I’m desperate to think that this is better than it is at the moment.


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