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Things this week: A potted History.

Had a bit of a week.

Did some management things which are the things that shouldn’t make a Manager happy.

Couldn’t play in the 5-a-side finals night, I was travelling in Australia. We defaulted and therefore came 4th. Ah well.

Took an overnight one day trip from NZ to Australia.

  • Had no local money used only a Credit Card.
  • Didn’t buy any Duty Free
  • Used a new passport reader thing to leave the country, had to talk to a person on the way in, and she said “Welcome Home” and that made me smile
  • Hotel was a shambles, I arrived very late and the room hadn’t been serviced by room service so that made me unhappily
  • Sat in premium economy on the way back, much more leg room, bit like  economy class you see in the movies.
  • Car parking for essentially 32 hours = $69. ’nuff said

Brought another suit, just because I can

May have spent an imprudent amount of money on one shirt.

Had a hair cut and brought some product – MrsPdubyah is worried about this new thinking about myself thing

Went to my favourite record store, Rhythm Records in Ponsonby only to find they’ve been put into liquidation and so that’s made me sad. Did buy some old vinyl from what was left, you have to do your bit.

Saw David “Tuaman” Tua. He was looking angry at his car, didn’t really think it was a good idea to point out that slamming the hood wasn’t technically what a mechanical person would call maintenance, or that he should save it for the Gym, or his fight that is coming up. Brave, not Stupid.

Still don’t have a PS/3.


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