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Beer – #204 – Ringwood – Boondoggle

Ringwood Boondoggle – in a bottle – Brewed by Ringwood (Marstons plc) in the style of a Golden Ale/Blond Ale and they do that in Ringwood, England, where ever that is.

IPhoto on 8-09-13 at 4.07 PM think I was seduced by the “Deliciously Fruity Blonde Beer” thing on the label. I’m such a sucker for cheap advertising.  Or the strange Hairy Rat motif.

500ml of a 5% ABV beer 2.5 Standard drinks in the UK,

Ringwood BoondoggleBoondoggle is an American term first coined in the 1920’s. Boondoggle is a word meaning ‘work of little value’ which we have interpreted to mean ‘Jolly’ or ‘any excuse for a pint’.

A hoppy aroma with a citrus punch. \ A well balanced moreish fruity taste \ A blonde and luscious ale – the perfect excuse. Brewed with the finest English Pale Malt, First Gold and Fuggles Hops.

The English Importer Shop, whatever it’s called, there are so many now, in Wairau Park in G’Field is to blame for this, and the various English Beers that are in my fridge and for review.

In the bottle this looks cloudy, and on reflection a bit unappetising.  Remembering now that thing about best before? This one was 31 August. So best I get to it now.

The aroma on opening is one that reminds me of English Pubs from the 80’s, its a dull english bitter aroma. and I went again to make sure, and it’s not that, it’s settled to a bland acidic note. I hold my breath for this. the outlook is cloudy.

Yeasty bready flat is what I should have said. It pours like it looks. with a finger of head that persists at 1/2. It doesn’t seem over carbonated or excitable.

Moment of truth: I’m dreading this for no real apparent reason. The bready yeasty aroama reminds me of that banana beer thing I had once, it’s not a thing that you’d be able to sell as an girly attractor.

Might be that I built myself up into not enjoying this, given that  it’s at it best before date, give or take, I’m dismissing that. This is just a sour tasteless bland disaster. There is no citrus, there is no aroma of citrus, this is a snake-oils salesman pitch of what he thinks.

When you’ve spent your own money on things it’s hard to be harsh, but this is atrocious and down there on the pdubyah-o-meter at 3 – Avoid this and buy a can of Tizer or Iron Bru. You’ll thank me.


One comment on “Beer – #204 – Ringwood – Boondoggle

  1. kingmidget
    September 9, 2013

    A 3? Definitely avoiding that one. Friday night, I met some friends at a new small brewery in Sacramento. I had a couple of pints before we headed elsewhere for dinner. Both of them were in the 3 category. Very disappointing.


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