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Beer – #219 – Left Coast – Trestles IPA

Weirdly named Left Coast Trestles IPA,  which is Brewed by Left Coast/Oggis Pizza and Brewing Company of all things in the style of an  India Pale Ale (IPA) and that’d be in Del MarCalifornia USA

Odd too that I’m having pizza for dinner. Just Saying.

Left Coast Trestles IPATrestles IPA is light bodied, clean, and pleasantly hoppy. With every sip this tasty IPA will take you back to your escape, such as local surf spot Trestles. Its strong copper color and clean finish on the palate are created by brewing with a 2-row malt and light imported crystal malt. We use CTZ and chinook hops and follow it up with the addition of dry hops of chinook and centennial in the fermenter bringing out a citrus aroma. Find your escape.  2012 vintage: 6.8% abv

Which it is then, a 1 pint, 6fl oz bottle of a 6.8%ABV beer, in drinking units that’s 3.5 of them. Also this is 92 IBU things, which is high for an IPA and mid range for a Double or Imperial IPA, but that’s not a bad thing.

Lemony hoppy on opening, Rich golden brown, bit murky, decent well carbonated head, and that lovely fruity bitterry aroma that screams “drink me” not sure if that’s the one that makes me smaller or larger, but my grin is getting bigger at the thought.

Well there is a full fluffy, soapy mouthfeel to this, and it’s bitterness isn’t overly noisesome. Lovely selection of bitterry fruits, like a grapefruit perhaps, lemon, and a touch of the grass,  The malt sweetness is also nice over the top of all that, and it’s a gosh fine beer.

Overal this is fairly ‘dry’ to the finish. With that though my smile grows the beer diminishes. The pizza has yet to arrive.

The pdubyah-o-meter is onto a winner with this, and it would be an easy 9 is fine or great if you want more specific. A touch of something nice in the mid-week to get you over the humpday blues. I lost a few hours at work, you know that thing where you start a thing at 2pm and then it’s 6pm, that thing…

You get a wonderful full experience with this, it’s not just a bitter, it has a start, middle and end, which for me waxing lyrical, and only having just thought of it, might be and unusual way to think about a mouthful of beer, I should work on that as a project.

Said and Done, I was looking for a beer that I could be happy with and that would make me smile and forget my angst, I’d be happy to share one of these with you if you popped over, it might end up though as a ‘course; beer, one that you had as an entrée, Main or a finish, I don’t think you could go many before you got a bit overloaded with the overhead of the sweet notes. But fair crack I enjoyed this.

Still waiting on the pizza though……

From TheHopry.com I was trying to think if  (or even what) the fluffy mouthfeel, or the citrusness was, and had to look up the profile you could expect from  the Chinook, and I may or may not have been wrong 🙂


Flavor Profile: If your IPA has a citrus and/or floral character, it could have something to do with the Centennial variety of hops. Also known as one of the “three C hops,” its fairly high alpha acid percentage and a medium range aroma make for a great hop to use for both bittering and aromatic characters.

Beer Styles: Pale Ales; India Pale Ales; Black IPAs


Flavor Profile: Chinook is the hop that smells and tastes the most like you would imagine – a dank piney forest. These hops are known to have a very spicy finish, too, and because of the very high alpha acid levels it makes for the perfect bittering component of a beer. Many brewers will tell you to watch out, because they can easily be overused.

Beer Styles: Pale Ales; India Pale Ales; Black IPAs; Barleywines


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