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Beer – #228 – Renaissance Enlightenment Series – Fresh Hop Benelux Ale

So to the fridge he dashes, and grabs for the Renaissance Enlightenment Series Fresh Hop Benelux Ale.  Brewed by Renaissance Brewing in the style of a : Belgian Ale, and they do that in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Renaissance Enlightenment Series Fresh Hop Benelux AleFresh Hop Benelux Ale. You see, it is not quite a Belgian style, but kind of in that region. We based this on a Blonde and brewed it with a mixture of yeasts and a large portion of freshly harvested Wakatu hops. The result, a bright straw coloured ale with a fruity nose and creamy palate. Notes of spice, earth, tropical fruit, and hop resin.

500ml bottle, of a 7% ABV beer, making it 2.8 standard drinks.

After a long drive home from the beach house I was looking forward to sitting down and relaxing with this. However it didn’t happen.

Instead i waited, and Wednesday was big night in, and after a more then acceptable curry from my new favourite restaurant I got to hankering.

Intriguing fruit laden aroma, Rich brown poor, but not much of a head,  and that really interesting almost chocolate (this time) aroma, and then it settles to a familiar Belgium beer aroma. It’s a thing.

An interesting mouthful that, sort of thin and lacking in depth, but also with a reasonable back of sweetness.  It’s a thing.

This isn’t so much muddled as confused. I like it. It doesn’t have that sharp alcohol burn that you get with some Belgium beers, but it has the aroma and the colour.

It has a sourness, but it’s fairly soft, and I may have mentioned seems a bit thin. The Pdubyah-o-meter thinks this is about an 8 – very good – on the arbitrary scale of things, and I probably would buy this again. Yes I would, despite it not making it higher on the scale of things.

Recapping then, Smells like Belgium, looks like Belgium, has a nice caramel things going on, lacks the alcohol note, is a bit thin, doesn’t carry. Other than than, it’s a bit good 🙂




One comment on “Beer – #228 – Renaissance Enlightenment Series – Fresh Hop Benelux Ale

  1. Paul Ballarin
    November 1, 2013

    Oh come on now, you can’t mention you new favorite restaurant without naming it. It’s a thing.


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