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On the Occasion of the 25th Wedding Anniversary

Eventually we were going to get there, MrsPdubyah and me.

5th November 1988, Paeroa Presbyterian Church. A date I chose, it’s a long story and I’ll scan some photo’s and write a bit more about that.

Fast forward through the first house, then the #1 Child, the #2 Child. the 2nd house, and  3rd house, the half-dozen pet cats, the first days at school, the driving lessons, the leaving home. All those things.

Eventually you get  get to 25 years. Which is where the trouble starts.

I’m not sure who thought this up, but for getting to a 25 year marriage you have to exchange traditional gifts of Silver.

It’s not clear if this should be solid silver, silver plate, or silver looking. I want to know who was on the committee that decided this, it’s a gross oversight.

Then, oh yes then, look for a suitable gift. When was it that matching ceramic mugs were appropriate? or a Crystal Bell?

Who exactly gives their life partner, after 25 years of marriage (not counting the courting and preamble years) a Candelabra, Knives and Forks, Serving Spoons, Silver Platter or Photo Frame?

Which of you thinks that at 25 years you’re a bit doolally in the head and have slipped into some kind of dementia where you need to surround yourselves with trinkets and old tat?

Of course yes in olden times you might have. But I don’t feel like I’ve spent half a life with MrsPdubyah. Yes on the outside a bit more rugged, but mentally still in the game.

All that aside however I’m going to be in a world of pain if I don’t get a suitable gift, if only I could remember if MrsPdubyah has pierced ears on not I could get her some ear-rings, and on reflection a little bell I could tinkle wouldn’t go amiss when I needed a beer top-off.


One comment on “On the Occasion of the 25th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Paul Ballarin
    November 3, 2013

    Congrats, I suppose a pair of solid silver tankards would not go down well.


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