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Beer – #253 – Good George & Emerson’s – Good Emerson’s Session Ale

A full mouthful this one Good George & Emerson’s Good Emerson’s Session Ale.

Brewed by Good George Brewing in the style of a  American Pale Ale  and they do this trick in Hamilton, New Zealand

Good Emersons 1A 1 litre “Growler” of a 4% ABV beer which makes this a 1.5 drink unit beer 🙂

What happens when you combine one of the finest breweries NZ has ever seen (Emerson’s) with one of NZ’s newest breweries? You get Good Emerson’s! This hybrid Irish Red/American Pale Ale sits at a remarkably drinkable 4% alcohol and has been crammed full of Wai-iti, Mosaic and Centennial hops. We got our ale malt from the Emerson’s Brewery itself and their Head Brewer, Chris O’Leary came up to spend the day brewing this wonderful session beer.

Smells greatly hoppy. Pours nicely with a decent head.

Drinks very flowery and floral, the hops become more muted and undertone. This is really drinkable.  I’m really shocked about how much I like this it really is fair decent.

There is a lovely soft sweetness, with a nose of floral, and the under of grass. Clever stuff.

I can see why they label this a “session” beer, which I might be getting the wrong end of a stick on but this would be easily something, given the ABV, that you would happily sit and drink all evening.

Good Emersons 2You’d notice that it didn’t have any length or carry on the taste, and the you might think it a little thin, and lacking layers. Having said that it’s easy drinking that does challenge you and encourages you to enjoy and partake of it

For that then the pdubyah-o-meter says 8 for me, making a very good beer.  Not a classic, or one that if you had a competitive line up you might mark so highly. But alone and of itself this is really quite a good thing.

Top marks.

Tonight to accompany this for music it’s Kool and the Gang! Just how cool am I?

And on the BBQ it’s chicken wrapped in bacon. It’s all go!

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