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Beer – #256 – Garage Project – Trip Hop

Sunday brings with it a Garage Project – Trip Hop – Brewed by Garage Project in the Style of an India Pale Ale (IPA), and of course they’re in Wellington, New Zealand

Garage Project - Trip HopThe brewer says – “We love NZ Hops. How much? Here’s how much. Triple hopped with, Pacificica, Motueka and Riwaka hops in increasingly lavish quantities throughout the boil, Trip Hop’s bitter but (we hope) balanced on a malt base of pale, Carahelles, Vienna and Caraaroma. Rich amber red and redolent of the Nelson hop fields. Think easy drinking for resin heads and pucker up.”

So stand by for bitterness from this a 650ml (22 Fl Oz) bottle of a 5.6% ABV beer. which is all of 2.9 standard drink units in NZ, and my guesstimate is around 300 calories in this bottle.

Of course a bitter aroma on opening, lots of the grass, but also other things.

Garage Project Trip HopPours with a really lively head of fluffy bubbles, but they recede a bit to something more normal, and has a bitter aroma that I’m not familiar with, but which isn’t unpleasant.

Plenty Floral things going on and there is a fair crack of malt sweetness to asset with the drinking.

This, to me, is more an English style bitter, for the reason that although you get an idea that the brewer wanted hops to be the thing they’ve run off and hidden themselves quietly and unobtrusively in the background.

A soft easy drinking beer, hardly a classic or one for the scarp-book from Garage Project, who’s output any sane man would have trouble keeping up with.

The pdubyah-o-meter says that this would be 6 and one half on the random scale of arbitrary , making this an average beer in the scheme of things. Hey if you were out and someone wanted to ‘try’ a bitter her this might be the thing that you could get them by way of introduction.

To me however, to finish, I think this is a little thin and without a lot of depth and carry. I think that the hop aroma is pleasant, and the bunch of grass and flora notes that are delivered are pleasant and fulfilling. But it might be too sweet, and too soft. Not one for the scrap-book.

For background today,  the cricket plays to itself on the teevee and  Hooverphonic do their grooving on the music machine, accompanied by the drone of late afternoon lawn mowing somewhere in the distance. It could be a lot worse.

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