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The year of exercise

Now there’s a thing. In a calendar year I managed by one way or another to achieve over 700km of exercise.

Couple of off months when injury and inclement weather took over, but I did go 12 straight months and of each time I did at least 5km.

I have no ambition to 10.  I have no ambition to do a 1/2 marathon, or a whole marathon. None. Don’t ask me. Actually I will get to 10km at least once, just because.

What progress in 12 months?

Jan 4th

4th of January 2013. 5 Km. Wearing Nike Free shoes, because they are my shoe of choice at this point.

December 21 2013

Wearing New Balance shoes , I make that 13 minutes faster over the same distance.

I’ve just about worn out the 2nd pair of Nike Free shoes, the blue ones they’ve got 284km on them and look a bit sad.  I retired the black ones at 268km.

I’ve got a just worn in 148k on some NB Minimus and only 62km on the Yellow NB shoes. Spread it around a little. It’ll be a shame to see the Nike shoes move to the shelf and retire. Might invest in some new ones in the new year, I think the 2 pairs of NB shoes will carry me

I’d set a goal too of losing weight, I did start the year at nearer 105kg. I got down to 88.8 just before christmas and have been reminded why was 105kg,  overcoming my will power I’ve had far to much of the everything, and even a couple of kilo’s makes me fret a little. Still 91 is better than 101, and better then 105.

I haven’t given up as much of things as you’d think, aside from packets of snack crisps, a chips, pies. I still have cheese and crackers, I just got portion control in control. I still drink beer, more than is prudent, but I’d rather drink and be happy than gaunt and miserable.  I ear breakfast more times than I skip it, and I enjoy better lunches than I used to.

I still eat muffins with the coffee with MrsPdubyah when we’re out, it’s a thing.

To 2014. Well I can get to 88 briefly,  I can get to 85, which seems my next sensible goal I think. No point in being stupid about it.  I want to be happy and engaged with losing weight not a slave to the stupidity of points, shakes, fasting, caveman, et al. I’ll do it my way. I may or may not seek advice from a nutritionist, probably will, and I might get some running coach input into my running action. Probably won’t.

PAWWithout the Nike+ Sportswatch none of this would have happened by the way, no better motivator than passive aggressive watch nagging 🙂

Probably will buy more Nike shoes, probably in Orange 🙂


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