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Beer – #305 – Iron Fist – Dubbel Fisted

Iron Fist Dubbel Fisted to start my Friday. WooHoo!  I make no secret for my like of Belgium Style beers.

Brewed by Iron Fist Brewing Company this one in the Style of a Abbey Dubbel and that’s in the abbreviated place of VistaCalifornia USA

This the Friday day jumbo 750ml, bottle of an  8.1%ABV beer,  of 243 calories a serve. 4.8 standard drinks in this, so best behave before barbecue time. Also this is bottle conditioned.

The Selfie !

The Selfie !

When starting an uprising, two is always better than one. Or so I’ve been told. And after you try Dubbel Fisted, you’ll find out the reason for its namesake. While peering into a glass of the deep amber colored brew you’re holding in your drinking hand, you’ll realize that you probably want one in your open hand too. Rich chocolate, caramel, and plum notes are almost too tempting for words. So therefore a Belgian Style Dubbel with a California Twist.

A very sweet aroma on opening, but at the same time almost sour, and fruity sweet. Looks an absolute treat in the glass, but the thin head dissipates quickly.

Seems well carbonated and fizzes like sherbet on pouring. The aroma dissipates too, leaving a somewhat disappointing lack of something.

But it has a lovely rich body of taste when you’re drinking. Initially this is quite sweet, and there are strong hints of fruits, and heavier caramel or chocolates.

This has many of the nice things that Dubbels have, but this does appear to have a couple of flaws. It might be too flat, the carbonation seems to be all excited itself away leaving a flattish tasting mouthfeel.

Then the sweetness might get you confused as it’s all front predominant.

IFDWhat you don’t get is the astringent alcohol tang that you might otherwise expect, and the mustiness that you could be waiting for isn’t there either.

This is bottle conditioned and I have no idea if I can put one in a cool place to sit and get better or different with age, I really do need to research that more .

The pdubyah-o-meter isn’t all that and a bag of chips on this, it’s a fairly solid beer that does nothing to put you off. So it’s a better than good 7.5.

As it sits it just gets flatter which I’m not sure is desirable, and this is the worst of it. I’ll perhaps not research about putting one aside for a rainy day later and just enjoy what I had as a pleasing and pleasant start to a weekend.

Thanks to the nice people at Liquorland in Forest Hill for having this on the shelf, it makes it easier for me to enjoy my weekend.


These are dark, malty, yeasty strong ales in the Trappist tradition, but produced (mainly) by secular brewers. Dubbels range between 6.5-8% abv, and have a dark brown, cloudy colour, and a palate mixing malt, a lush fruitiness, and yeast. They are typically bottle-conditioned.

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