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Beer – #315 – ParrotDog – BloodyDingo

or ParrotDog Bloody Dingo Imperial Amber, both work.

Brewed by ParrotDog Brewing in the style of an Amber Ale and they are of course based in Windy Wellington, New Zealand

Peculiar thing the intertubes, ParrotDog themselves say “BloodyDingo (Imperial Red IPA, 7.7% ABV)”

Post Run red in the face selfie

Post Run red in the face selfie

As far as I can tell there is no such thing as an Imperial Red IPA, or even Imperial / Double Red Ale. I’m sticking to Amber  Ale. I’m prepared to be schooled.

It is a 330ml bottle, it is 7.5% ABV and is is 2.1 Standard Drink units in NZ.  ITs about 231 calories a serve.

It’s a fierce canine, hiding a bite…

the label says ....  Strong Red IPA

the label says …. Strong Red IPA

Originally brewed for an Australian Beer festival this beer was crafted to do one thing, explode tastebuds – …. [] Strong Red IPA

I tell what there is no argument about, the magnificent hoppy aroma and fizz when you open this. Made me fair smile it did

And the cracking bitter mouthfeel you get when you supp on the fluffy over sized head that may have had more to do with my poor pour than the beer. Lovely grassiness it has, he said like Yoda.

2014-03-02 15.38.58Dark brown pour and excitable head in the was I did that. I found that I’ve drunk about half of it before I stopped to contemplate.

The bitterness is grassy,  pine, and grapefruit bitter. There is enough sweetness that makes you want to sup and sup again, as I have been

The overly active head settles to a firm and more inviting off orange, and there is plenty of lacing.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this then as and easy 8 which is very good.  Not sure this is the best way to start drinking a couple of beers as this might just be enough to wash over your palate and make what follows much more of a challenge than it should be.

I rescued things by remembering that there was this piece of French Brie on the bench going all soft, that made me smile again.

Not to everyone’s taste in the house, I’ve been listening to Blood Red Shoes  – Alt:Rock pair from Brighton in England.

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