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Beer – #324 – Liberty – Halo Pilsner

Moving the dial again, this next beer the Liberty Halo Pilsner offering.

Brewed by Liberty Brewing Co and this then is styled as a Pilsener and you know they are located in Auckland, New Zealand.



“Nelson hopped Pilsner”

Halo Pilsner is quite positively a monument of New Zealand Pilsner. Proudly brewed with glorious Gladfield malts and a free rein of Nelson Hops. You can expect a good lashing of zesty lime citrus peel accented with tropical passion fruit, all shining proudly

A 330ml bottle 5.4% ABV, 1.62 calories a serving, this would be about 1.41 standard drink units in NZ.

Watching the F1 and Seb Vettel dipping out in the qualifying. That must taste a bit bitter in the mouth. Rain separates the talent and the ability.


Lightly hopped aroma, nice hiss of carbonation on opening,

Liberty - Halo PilsnerIncredibly pale pour, but with a decent and persistent head, more happiness in the aroma.

There is a palate smashing amount of grassy happiness in the palate for this, much more than I thought would be there.

The pdubyah-0-meter springs to an 8 on the scale of all things arbitrary, making this a very good beer.

Of its kind.

The over-hoppiness is appealing in its way, but it’s also the thing that this is. Ideally you’d have this with something that would counterbalance the profile and compliment the food.  But that would give you a bunch of peaks and not a whole curve in a profile of taste.

The #PhilsBeerFest14, one Saturday only, is going ok, but I don’t know I can keep it ip .

Final thing. Enjoying it? Yes, Have another? This is slower drinking not quite ready


While the definition of “pilsner” is open to much debate in the beer community, it generally refers to pale, hoppy lagers, ranging from 28IBUs and up.

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