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Beer – #327 – Celt Experience – Ogham ’Willow’

Recommended to me – Celt Experience Ogham ’Willow’

Brewed by Celt Experience this is in the style of a n Imperial/Double IPA and they are in, a first for me, Caerphilly, Wales. More than just cheese!

Half Selfie

Half Selfie

Ogham Willow Magestic IPA – 8.8%
95 IBUs – American Yeast, Big World Hops and Euro malt
Willow is instrumental in spawning spiritual visions, engendering a clearer understanding of the world in which we live. A Big beer…. A Magic craft….. Magestic…… Yes Magestic, not just majestic Created with percolating, infusing and dry hopping with potent US hops, but allowing balance through deep bodied British malts and cultivating a smooth citrus backbone from Eastern European hops.

330ml bottle, 8.5% ABV, 95 IBU,  264 calories and 2.21 standard drink units .

Celt Experience - Ogham ’Willow’Lots of yeast and hop aroma on opening.  Dark Orange pour, and of course no head!, fruity aroma though.

Wow that’s a whole mouthfeel of flavours, bittern some sweet notes, finishes bitter and a bit dry.

Come Citrus too, orange.

It’s quite nice, it’s a full on experience in the mouth, but it’s a complicated beer, in my own opinion.

The pdubyah-o-meter thinks that this is ok, but it’s in a big field of many good beers. This does have things going on and layers in it that others in this class don’t have, the orange is quite pronounced.  Bitter and finishes dry. So a deserved 7 making this a good beer. I do have another, which his unusual for me, and so I reserve the right to review my review or on appeal. 

It’s Friday, this friday there is no music, as yet…. but it is early and I do have ideas…..

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3 comments on “Beer – #327 – Celt Experience – Ogham ’Willow’

  1. aleodyssey
    March 27, 2014

    Glad you enjoyed the Celt beer! Have a read of my entry of a few beers by Celt, they’re one of my favourite breweries at the moment and not too far from me either.


  2. Pdubyah
    March 30, 2014

    I’ve brought more since, making me a 4 bottle veteran. I wish the others were available in NZ. I dont hold out hope.


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