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“One Of The Greatest Records Ever Made”: Dexy’s “Don’t Stand Me Down”

Every record tells a story

Dexys Dont Stand Me Down

In March 1985, Kevin Rowland, lead singer and songwriter of Dexy’s Midnight Runners was facing total ruin. “Don’t Stand Me Down”, his labour of love and an album he had spent two years of his life writing, recording and mixing, might just have been burned in a fire at the record label’s office in New York, and lost forever. Two years work, and possibly the best album of the eighties might just have gone up in smoke…

This news came just a few weeks after he had failed in an attempt to steal the tape back from the studio he was mixing it in after an unpaid bill meant it was being held to ransom. But both of these incidents were just two of a long line of setbacks in recording the follow up to the three million selling Too-Rye-Ay.

The attempted theft happened, according to record producer Alan Winstanley…

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One comment on ““One Of The Greatest Records Ever Made”: Dexy’s “Don’t Stand Me Down”

  1. simonbroderick
    May 4, 2014

    The well known test to see if you’re speaking to real music fan, ask them their favourite Dexy’s tune! (I can’t remember where I heard that first)


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