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Beer – #375 – Speakeasy – Big Daddy IPA

I brought this after much prevarication, someone mentioned in passing that it was ‘average’  but I’ve had a lot of average lately so the heck –  Speakeasy – Big Daddy IPA

650ml bottle, 6.5% ABV, 55 IBU things, and that makes it 195 calories a serve, and it’s 3.3 standard drink equivalents in this bottle.

Brewed by Speakeasy Ales and Lagers in the syle of an  India Pale Ale (IPA) and they are in San FranciscoCalifornia USA

No lightweight, Big Daddy I.P.A. tips the scales with a huge hop flavor and a dry, clean finish that leaves the scene without a trace.

After exercise beer selfie

After exercise beer selfie

San Francisco’s Speakeasy has a cool, Prohibition- and organized-crime-themed style—their mailing list members are collectively known as “The Mob,” and the brewery’s website refers to the staff as “The Family”—but their beers are mostly modern and West Coast in style. Big Daddy’s taps can be found around the Western US, and bottled beers have been available since 2000.

Flavors and aromas Big Daddy IPA is a dry-hopped beer with a big floral-citrus nose. It’s bitter, but not overwhelmingly so; the full-bodied malt balances the bitterness to a point where you may find that this comes together more like an amber ale than an IPA.

So a mixed bag of things, mostly I’ve read that this is fairly good though.

Speakeasy - Big Daddy IPAFantastic bottle art.

Not as hoppy on the nose as I might have thought myself into thinking, although  it is strong.

Pale golden yellow pour, I was expecting something slightly darker. Nice persistent full head on this and nice carbonation.

Great aroma in the grass, grass, of course, and an interesting first mouthful.

Again I was expecting a really punch in mouth bitterness, and this is a little understated in that, but it does have an unusually dry finish.

For flavours then, there is a citrusy thing going on but I can’t pick anything specific.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 7 a of its things from the thing. It’s an IPA that a lot of people would be able to enjoy and get on with, it’s neither too mouth crashingly bitter and it has a decent length and carry and finish. It’s quite drinkable too and looks great in the glass. Lots to ponder over and enjoy with each mouthful. I quite liked it.

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? Yes more than I thought I would but at the same time less than the words on the bottle lead you believe you should be.
  2. Would I have another? It’s a big field is IPA and there are a lot of good beer in it, I’d probably try something else if it was available.
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? It’s a good beer that most beer drinkers should be able to get along with.

I found some new music from the Buzzcocks – they have a new album – this is “The Way” from that album.


India Pale Ale gets its name and unique style from British brewers who were making beer for export to India. This style has an intense hop flavor which was used to preserve the beer for the long voyage. India Pale Ale has a golden to copper color with a medium maltiness and body. The aroma is moderate to very strong. IPAs work especially well at cutting the heat of chili, vindaloo or Sichuan cuisine.

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3 comments on “Beer – #375 – Speakeasy – Big Daddy IPA

  1. terryhickey
    May 15, 2014

    I recall having one of these in California not too long ago and it was just what I needed after a long awesome day at Disneyland. I have had a few other offerings from this place and they are all pretty decent, especially their Payback Porter.


    • Pdubyah
      May 15, 2014

      I think I wanted something more punchy but I didn’t not like it. I’ll keep an eye out for the others.


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