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Beer – #380 – Bach Brewing – Czechmate Pilsner

One of 3 beers from this brewer – Bach Brewing Ltd – This is Brewed at Steam Brewing Company and this particular one is in the style: of a Czech Pilsner (Světlý) and they are in Auckland, New Zealand

150  calories a serve out of a 500ml bottle of a 5% ABV beer, and at 42 IBU in near the top end of 45 for a Pilsner. This is 2 standard drink units of beers-worth.

Selfie of course

Selfie of course

Czechmate is a classic Bohemian style Pilsner featuring noble Czech Saaz hops and Bohemian Pils malt. Twice crowned champion international style lager.

Tasting Notes:
Refreshing Pils; Crisp with spicy herbal.

This one might be the “Weakest” of the three, if you read th reviews, but that might be because of the unusual style for the locals.

I pontificate.

Bach Brewing - Czechmate PilsnerThere is a slight hop aroma on opening this, yeastiness.

Terribly pale pour of an orange yellow beer with a nice head though.

Well that is an interesting mouth of beer.

Hoppy bitterness is the first thought, and then there is a citrus thing happening and it’s carried on a lot of carbonation that makes the tongue dance a bit.

Overall though there is a sense that this is well hopped and at the bitter end of the acceptable level for this beer. Whilst it appears to be crisp and clean it’s actually a bit abrasive and one dimensional.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 7 a of its things from the thing. It’s different both in a good and bad way. I like the hoppy bitterness but that’s all there is, there isn’t much by way of length or carry and it ends up being a bit disappointing and a sprinter not a stayer. 

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? I started to but tired easily.
  2. Would I have another? I don’t think I could
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? This would be a good starter beer to something else, it’s not a stayer.

With this I’m enjoying my current walking companion and generally all round but good – Neko Case from the new album ‘The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You –


Hallmarked by the generous use of the Saaz hop, Bohemian (or Czech) pilsners are also noted for their rich gold colour, fat maltiness and moderate to full body. Regardless of origin, to be a pilsner a beer must have at least 28 units of bitterness, and preferably much more.

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