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Beer – #390 – Bellerose – Bière Blonde Extra

I grabbed this based on the simplicity of the label mostly. Tonight them I’m drinking a Bellerose Bière Blonde Extra.

Brewed by Brasserie des Sources (formerly: de St. Amand) in the style that is a Golden Ale/Blond Ale and they are in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France.

750ml bottle of beer that is 6.5% ABV and 195 calories a serve, about 400 for the bottle  and it about 3,3 standard dink units is this, which for a bottle of wine sized drink doesn’t seem that much. Picked this up from HopScotch in Mt. Eden.



Bellerose is a Top fermented beer made with 3 hops from 3 different continents by Brasseries Des Sources(Brewery of the Springs). A mix between French “bière de Garde” and IPA with distinctive aromas of citrus & litchi with a hoppy but refreshing aftertaste.

Bellerose draws its inspiration from the 1950s era, a period during which beer was still intensely hoppy and stoutly refreshing. The use of an innovative cocktail of 3 hops brings to Bellerose a distinctive aroma of citrus & litchi with a refreshing aftertaste.

Cork and Cage delivery, cork was a difficult ask but a satisfying pop a it gave up the struggle.

Has a fantastic sour/sweet aroma that you’d expect, made me smile.

Lovely orange golden pale colour pour with a fluffy and lively head, this is very well carbonated with the bubbles fizzing away happily in the glass, a lovely beer to listen to.

BelleroseBeerThis is a very mellow drinking beer with a really nice mouth feel of fluffy, the carbonation is muted and not all over the show and the sourness/bitterness is really quite palatable, all in all a great quaffing beer straight up.

It was difficult not to quaff it too, as being how it was quite quenching (getting all the big words out today)

I’m finding this then a good drinking beer as opposed to a beer to think about, just a beer to drink not to chew over and discover new layers and palate notes or highs.

This has enough lemons and tang in it, enough sweetness, a lively look and soft carbonation and great mouthfeel, easy to recommend a beer like this to someone.

Good example of a beer

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8.5 a of its things from the things. A beer that I should get some in the fridge for those evenings when you want a beer but not to get blitzed, one where taste is important but enjoyment shouldn’t be laboured and should be just there without thinking about it. This is just a nice beer.

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? Yes, it’s terrific.
  2. Would I have another? I have the rest of the bottle, and I would like another in the fridge it I was being honest.
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Yes, easy drinking and doesn’t get in the way of things, a good drinking beer.

I find myself listening to an album titled “Spark” by  Alain Johannes,  this is “The Bleeding Whole”, which on the whole I quite enjoyed and tapped along to.


There are a few different types of blond ale. The first is the traditional “Canadian Ale”, an adjunct-laden, macrobrewed, top-fermented equivalent of the American Standard. The second is common in US brewpubs – a light starter ale, with marginally more hop and body than a macrobrew, fewer adjuncts, but still not a flavourful beer by any means. The British interpretation is easily the boldest, hoppiest blond ale rendition. Some of these can almost be considered American Pales they are so hopped up – very crisp, refreshing, with relatively low alcohol compared with their North American counterparts

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3 comments on “Beer – #390 – Bellerose – Bière Blonde Extra

  1. kingmidget
    June 9, 2014

    Beer with a cork has always seemed pretentious to me, but it seems to be part of the Belgian beer tradition. This one sounds like one I’d like.


    • Philip Walter
      June 9, 2014

      I really liked it, and hoping to get another in my travels. This was a French beer, I’m not surprised by the cork, it did make for a performance opening.


      • kingmidget
        June 10, 2014

        “French beer” — that’s something you don’t see too often.


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