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It’s the Word Cup (2)

Day three!!  All hopes high for at least England today.

Brunch was organised, being Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Sausages and for me Sweetbreads cooked in butter, and some store brought fresh bread.

Game 1:

Colombia put three past the hapless Greece team who looked disorganised and uninterested.  Can’t figure it out they get to the finals where they then go into their shell. Great Win for Colombia

Game 2:

Uruguay  clear favourites, get a penally to go 1-0 up. Where-in it went all south for them. At half time they were in control and looking like they could sit in the lead. 3 goals later from the fantastic Costa Rica team and it’s all to do for the Uraguay team ho hope to get their star back for the game against England

Game 3:

Eng-er-land —– A fast pace from both team, with England looking more likely all got really exciting when first Italy and from almost the next play England scored to make it 1-1 at the half. Mario Balotelli popped up the far post to put away what was the winner as the England team became more frantic and less uncoordinated as the match went on. Italy reverted at times to the 11 man defence which just frustrated England all the more.  All to do for the English in the pool then.

Game 4:

Japan and the Ivory Coast.  For me not the most thrilling of prospects. Japan take an early 1-0 lead and keep this to the half.  Second half substitute Drogba changes the game by just his presence and Côte d’Ivoire get two goals in 2 minutes to take the lead and go on to win the game.


Didn’t get to see the goal line technology demonstrated as we have with the previous games. Did get to see liberal use of the magic foam that the referee uses to mark the ball and the 10 yard line.


Still to come a couple of beers though, MrsPhil is out for a meeting so I’m home alone to my own devices.

6 comments on “It’s the Word Cup (2)

  1. kingmidget
    June 16, 2014

    Watched more of the sport yesterday than I ever have. I started watching it about ten years ago when my kids were playing soccer. Every year I get more and more sucked into it. The World Cup is an incredible spectacle. It’s pretty much all I’m doing today. Editing a story I wrote and watching World Cup. Your summaries pretty much catch the essence of each game played yesterday. Well done.


    • Philip Walter
      June 16, 2014

      ooooh so close, you meant “football” 🙂


      • kingmidget
        June 16, 2014

        Well I was gonna say futbol/soccer. Just can’t think of it as “football.” That’s that other sport here — the horrendous one that I wish would disappear into the ether.


      • Philip Walter
        June 16, 2014

        I was tugging your leg, it’s interchangeable, Football around these parts means rugby….. it’s confusing since the foot is the least used thing in the game (Aside from the running)


      • kingmidget
        June 16, 2014

        I know. And now I learned something. I didn’t know football meant rugby there. There is, by the way, an international rugby match on schedule here in Sacramento in the next month or two. I think it’s USA versus Canada, which in rugby terms is probably like having the third or fourth string of the better teams playing each other.


      • Philip Walter
        June 16, 2014

        Oh I think you’ll find the full New Zealand team is coming to Chicago to play a game. 1st November. The NZ team are current world champions and are 2-0 up against England in a 3 match series.


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