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It’s the Word Cup (14)

Day Fifteen

Final Four games,  almost time to reclaim my mornings 🙂

Germany, Portugal, Draw, Belgium perhaps this morning, although ‘m not a betting man.

Found this on line,  just to keep it interesting.

Wriggle Room

Game One:  (game forty-nine)

United States – Germany   – A Draw might be enough for both teams here. It’s raining and will make the match interesting,  Germany start the game with a lot of width being afforded to them.

All Germany in the opening 10, and find that missing is easier than scoring, with to players contesting the same cross in a comedy moment. First real USA attack at 10 minutes but Germany are organised. Few minutes of USA straining some passes together followed by another Germany chance not taken.

15 minutes, Germany have picked up their first tournament yellow card and are seriously looking for a goal.

20 minutes and a really really nice move from the USA would have been spectacular had it been a goal, so close

Injury stoppage as referee finds himself taking out a USA player looking to gain a position in the box.

30 minutes an open game with only 6 shots on goal so far,  and the game settles into a mutual respect and both team not really trying as a draw with no injuries is the best result for both teams really. 0-0 at the half.

Germany start the second on attack. as it’s all Germany they are clearly in from on possession, shots on goal, and although you sense they could score the play is breaking down and close is about as good as it gets. You sense though that if USA keep niggling and knocking the German plays then they will score.

Which they do with a fine well struck shot on 54 minutes from a corner, played short, than crossed in, well saved by Howard but parried to an open striker who does not give him a second chance. 1-0

USA fall into ill-discpline which is a distraction for them.  20 to go. Germany might feel they’ve done enough here, the USA need to draw to be assured of progress.

With the last kicks of the game USA fail to take two good opportunities from open play to draw level.

1-0 both teams will consider that satisfactory.

Game Two: (game fifty)

Portugal – Ghana   – Ghana have to win by heaps….

Ghana appear to lining up with 4 strikers for this. 5 minutes in and Ronaldo! off the bar!!

11 minuts and Ronaldo has another crack, Ghana are not comfortable in defence here they need to win. Opening 15 minutes has been a bit stop start and not as free flowing. The crowd are entertaining themselves.

25 minutes, Portugal look good on attack and most likely, lots of whistle in this and Ghana are not making friends, hard to see how they will score the goals they need should USA lose.

This all got hard for them as dead on the 30 minutes they contrive to score an own goal from a spectacular overhead with the full twist.  1-0 Portugal #Scenes

Ghana have no choice but to press now, but in a game with few opportunities and lots of stoppage  it’s 1-0/ #Scenes at half time as ref blows dead on time as Portugal set up for a throw in that they were taking their time over. Arm waving ensues.

Surprisingly only 17 stoppages, seemed a lot more, most of these before the goal happened, Portugal with 54% possession. 3 shots on goal each.

Restart and both teams seem more settled and have early opportunity, passing however lacks accuracy and finesse.

Poor passing leads to an intercept and quick as you like it’s down the other end and 1-1 Ghana, great cross open man no chance to goalkeeper.  Excited they look for another at 60 minutes and it would have been easier to score than miss, but they missed.  Too much time for the striker.

15 to go.  The game is again scrappy and stop start. Ghana rushing and not making the best of their attacking opportunity, Portugal unable to make the final connection .

10 to go, and finally from an accurate cross that makes the defender have to play, which they do poorly ball straight into the air, now the  goalkeeper has to save, but it crowded by his own defence and it results in a parry to the Portugal striker with a snap shot and 2-1 Portugal . Ronaldo!  Masters of their own demise.  Galvanised Ghana go looking and Portugal with a new lease also look to take advantage.

Right on full time Ronaldo misses another opportunity, he might have had 4 or 5 had he been fortunate with the touch.  2-1 Portugal

Ghana finish bottom of the group, Portugal didn’t do enough to go through on goal difference. Both teams will be checking out their hotel and making the trip on the bus home.

Game Three: (game fifty-one)

Algeria – Russia   – A big chance for Russia to advance in this game, this is a winner takes all match, in the sense winner gets to the last 16

Peaceful opening 5 minutes. Russia break from defence and string some passes together down the flank to a free player making pace into the box and just like that 1-0 !! Stunning move with a great finish classy classy finish from a classy classy cross.

15 minutes in. Russia are slowing this down where they can, but still maintain their advantage.  Crowd has started to entering themselves.  Russia look the most likely in my opinion, but Algeria have some talent and are looking to unlock this defence.

25 minutes – Long range shot from Russia one end, and a powerful header at the other from Algeria.

There is a lot to play for in the game and it’s tight and hard fought, it could get heated. Neither side able to capitalise on opportunities though and the game gets to half time 1-0

Nothing in this game, possession is even, shots on target at 3 each, only 14 stoppages Algeria being the main offender.  The difference was that brilliant cross and a real strikers header.

Second half starts much the same, Russia look the most likely to score bringing a fine save from a nice move through the middle. lots of missed opportunity and vince defence in the first 10 minutes.

on the hour a great opportunity for Algeria with a free kick – and it is well  played-  has the goalkeeper all confused and it’s 1-1 Slimani with a good finish, Crowd Goes Wild!

This has rattled the Russia team and they don’t look composed at all in this passage of play.  15 to go.  Algeria take too much time and miss another opportunity in front of goal.

Algeria hang on at 1-1 and Russia are not progressing to the next round

Game Four (game fifty-two)

Korea Republic – Belgium  – This game should play out as expected but you never can tell.

I’ve reached peak football.  Korea seems the most likely in the opening few minutes.

25 minutes and Belgium miss a sitter in front of goal in a game with little real opportunity.

Idea game this for the sleep deprived.

Bizarrely at 44 minutes Belgium have a player sent straight off for a stomping, no arguing that one although there may have been worse in the tournament there is no place for it, and it wasn’t really necessary.

Will Belgium be able to keep a lid on this or will Korea Republic take advantage.

At the half, Belgium just with the possession at 56% and most shots on target at 5 to 2  17 stops in play and the one red card.

Second half, and Korea Republic can’t really make their extra man advantage work.

15 minutes to go. From open play Belgium break down the middle  and the move breaks down, but given away cheaply allowing a snap shot on goal that isn’t protected and the following striker has no option but to slam the ball in the back of the old onion net. 1-0 Belgium

Is that blushes saved.

It is and that’s 1-0 at the full time whistle.

3 comments on “It’s the Word Cup (14)

  1. kingmidget
    June 27, 2014

    The Muricans have guaranteed them a pretty decent shot at losing in their next game and not much more.


    • Philip Walter
      June 27, 2014

      Ah it’s nice to still be in the comp, you I believe have a double header going on


      • kingmidget
        June 27, 2014

        Yes … the Swiss are in as well. Combined, the Swiss and the U.S. may have a 5% chance of winning the whole thing. Although the score may have been only 1-0, the German’s dominance of the game demonstrates the difference between the top tier and wherever it is the U.S. resides.


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