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The one with the ‘award’

Award, pronounced awkward. – Welcome to the the “Very inspiring Blogger Award”
I’m pleased people visit my musings and ramblings, and I enjoy the feedback and interactions I have on here of course.
So I was surprised and at the same time miffed when I got a comment that I’d been listed, as part of the rules, for the VIB to pass on the baton, as it were.

So to recap:
The Very inspiring Blogger Award. Apparently it’s a way of saying thank you to those of us who strive to keep the blogosphere alive.
The Rules for accepting the Award(s): Of course acceptance isn’t mandatory and rules are made to be broken
(1) Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you. 

and so you should click to Live For Vinyl, and Neil who took the time to nominate me, in 15th position Neil, we shall be having words later. Kidding.

(2) Share 7 things about yourself. 

Seven is a lot. But I’ll give it a crack. Hard when you’ve shared so many things on your blog at one time or another.

  1. I can roll/curl  my tounge. MrsPdubyah can’t, my children can, it’s hereditary, but I don’t remember which parent it was that could do this, never seemed appropriate.
  2. I’m #6 child of 8, good Catholic parents.
  3. I left the UK in 1987 to travel to New Zealand, and have never been home since. We travelled 2 months through the USA on the way here. I’ve travelled extensively since being in NZ.
  4. I parachuted from an airplane when it was acceptable to do solo jumps, static line pulled the chute open. The hardest part was still moving from the seat to the door, at that point it was all over. I remember coming to the landing zone, and there were 4 or 5 of us floating downwards and all I could hear was “Number 7 close your legs” over and over, it was me. I did eventually cotton on. I must see if I can find the photo I think I have. Skydive was done at Headcorn in Kent, looks like they still have the same airplane 🙂  Seems you can still do the Static line thing, try it you’ll scare yourself, although I see they have those wing things now, we had the umbrella round parachutes that blew you all over the place.
  5. I own an Authentic as worn All Black jersey, although it is a number 17 and worn by Frano Botica in a test v France.  MrsPdubyah used to work with a lady, Mary, in England and we ended up in NZ at the same time, she said her brother played rugby and would we go to the after training beer with her, at the Poenamo pub in Takapuna. We went of course, to discover he was Frano, and the team had players such as Wayne ‘Buck’ Shelford (AB Captain), Walter Little, Ron Williams, and Graham Dowd. One evening Buck Shelford too my packet of  potato Crisps/Chips from the table, and ate them. I didn’t have the heart to point out they weren’t his. I don’t think he did it deliberately.  Anyway I mentioned that I’d be stoked if I could get an old playing jersey and I was the given the AB jersey, I’m embarrassed and proud of owning it.
  6. I’m not OCD but (he said in denial), I do like things like bottles (I find myself doing this with my beer) lined up label forward, I don’t like to eat with odd or non-matching cutlery, and I don’t like to leave bones on my plate when I’m eating if I can help it.
  7. Email me for a personalised answer 🙂

(3) Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know. so in no particular order; (and remember that lead or follow thing, 15 is going to be an ask, oh and look they’re mostly beer or food, of food and beer….. )

  1. Love, Food and Beer – Teacher by day. Lover of food and beer by… always.
  2. Things that Fizz and Stuff –  You are what you eat and drink
  3. Cheryl’s beer blog – For the love of beer
  4. Simon Say’s – you really should drink this
  5. Pat’s Pints – Beer it’s not just for breakfast anymore
  6. Venturing Vancouver – Reviewing Craft Beer, Places, Events and More
  7. Sampling Craft  – My ramblings about beer.
  8. Love long The King – Beer, food, this and that
  9. Buzz and Hum – the beer and music blog
  10. Beer 13 – Ever just stare at all the beer choices? yeah… Me too.
  11. The Belfast Beer Blog –  The hub of knowledge for all Craft Beers fans out there in Belfast and surrounding areas.
  12. Toby’s Beer Reviews – Amateur Beer Reviews

And then I ran out……  It’s not that I don’t follow or read more blogs , I do, It’s my Sunday morning pastime, the time I allow myself to sit in bed and just read the wee;s postings all in one go.  If I add more I’ll add more. If I left you off the list don’t fret, it might be that you don’t need the kudos. If you want to be on list message me I’ll add you in a blink, no fee.



2 comments on “The one with the ‘award’

  1. simonbroderick
    July 3, 2014

    Thank you for the eh, nomination, I’m a bit like you, awkward! So I’ll see if I can follow all of the rules… or some of them as you did… 🙂


    • Philip Walter
      July 3, 2014

      I know right, it’s not like it takes 5 minutes. I tried and it’s the list that’ll soak up the time.


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