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It’s the World Cup (19)

Quarter Finals Time.

The winners in these two matches get to square off in the semi-final.

Brazil and Germany for me in the virtual picking comp.

I’d also pick the France-Germany game as being the one with the more attractive football, the Brazil Colombia game the one with the passion and dramatics.

Game One:

France v Germany.  A game where the 0 has to go, both teams unbeaten.

Germany line up 4-2-3-1  France 4-3-3

Germany have the best of the opening few minutes but it’s a measured start as you’d expect.

10 minutes both team have had chances near the goal, France look to have the upper hand.

12 minutes GOAL!!!!! Germany from a free kick conceded  curled in by Kroos and you don’t need a second invitation to head the opener, Hummels!!!!1-0 Germany. Superb header, well taken.  Replay would suggest that the free kick was ‘soft’ and ‘milked’ by Germany rather than a foul by France. There are plenty like that it many games.

20 minutes – despite the 1-0 both teams are still trying to find opportunity, but there isn’t a lot happening. Germany have a dramatic appeal for a penalty that might if it was acting have earned the German a caution card for ‘simulation’ Germany are having a couple of strong minutes of play.

30 – minutes – Germany are the best team in this game overall, France haven’t yet worked out the German defence. and…. again Germany have a dramatic appeal for a penalty that might if it was acting have earned the German a caution card for ‘simulation’

At the other End France have their best opportunity a cross, open player, and it’s at the goalkeeper who makes a brilliant save. That would have been a great goal if only. France can’t make the corner pay for them.

France finish the half with some good work but at he half it remains 1-0 Germany

Germany 55% possession and remarkably have had only 2 shots, both on target at goal. France have had 7 shots, 5 of which were on target.

Second Half. Starts with France having an appeal for a penalty declined, it looked more likely of the calls so far by both teams but the ref isn’t convinced.

Half-time pep talk seems to see France with all the fizz. Germany though wake up and it’s opportunity at both ends.

60 minutes – France might have the upper hand  at the moment

20 minutes to go, and tactical changes being made. but the arm wrestle continues.

10 to go and Germany are going to set up defensive camp and do enough to win. A quick break, well worked, see Germany with an all but open goal and it’s straight at the goalkeeper,

France are still in this, Germany with a missed chance to seal the deal.

Final minutes and Germany are peppering the France goal, France have to press forward leaving themselves open at the back.

They finish all-in and have the final shot saved by the goalkeeper who was outstanding.  Close but no cigar.

Germany win 1-0

Game Two:

Brazil v Colombia.

Brazil line up 4-2-3-1  Colombia 4-4-2

It’s a game that should have passions and brilliance. Brazil show their intentions early and that is to attack. Earning the first free kick in an attacking position.

5 minutes of attacking pay off from a corner and it’s   GOAL!!!!! Cross misses everyone and Silva at the far post bundles it into the net. #scenes Poor defence really, and luck is where you find it. What a start. 1-0 Brazil 

10 minutes – Colombia are not watching Brazil and are testing them with shots on goal.

20 minutes – It’s now all Brazil in attack and about Columbia in defence. In attack Colombia look hesitant and are trying to set up rather than take a half chance.

30 minutes – You sense there are more goals in this game. Free kick 19 yards, Brazil pushing their luck with the 10 yards and get away with it.

Colombia look like they could go all arms and waving and stamping feet in tantrum as they remain frustrated.

Closing minutes first half,  referee doing well to keep a lid on it.

Half Time 1-0 Brazil Brazil with 59% possession and 5 of 10 shots on target, Colombia only managing 2 from 4.  25 stops in play tells you it is tense.

Second Half. Starts briskly. Wonder what the pep talk was like in the change rooms.

60 minutes – The game isn’t open and flowing, but there are moments where it sparks into life with some brilliance, Brazil looking more likely and Colombia looking somehow in awe of the Brail team at times.   Colombia get the ball in the net, but it’s disallowed offside.

GOAL!!!!! 67 minutes Thunderous free-kick Luiz, 30 yards like a tracer bullet! Extraordinary! #scenes  2-0 Brazil. 

Colombia have a mountain to climb, the referee will do well to keep a lid on this now as feet get left in and aggression takes over from skill and finesse.

75 minutes – Colombia break on attack, lose then regain possession, take the ball route one and PENALTY!! That looked fairly dramatic, replay shows that goalkeeper slid into that and there is no doubt. Cesar the goalkeeper has hurt himself with that though.

GOAL!!!!! Haymeez (James) Rodriguez faffs about but makes it count. 2-1 Brazil.

10 minutes to play for and it’s back on the line. Colombia getting caught out offside as they really look to score. Brazil are trying to slow the game and take time off the clock.

5 minutes of added time indicates the way it’s gone. Colombia despite their best efforts and even at one point putting the goalkeeper up into the attach at a free kick can’t score and the game finishes, and the crowd goes wild!

2-1 Brazil.

4 comments on “It’s the World Cup (19)

  1. kingmidget
    July 5, 2014

    Pretty amazing watching the Brazil-Colombia game — they pretty much went full tilt the entire 90 minutes.


    • Philip Walter
      July 5, 2014

      It was all passion and they leave nothing. Both teams like to infringe and the number of stops for stray arms and feet tells a lot. I believe that the magic spray was first used in the south american leagues as they like to be ‘aggressive’ and take advantages.

      The ref did well to keep his calm, I’m sure it’s a balance between either team feeling antagonised and keeping them in line.

      Thunderous free kick though deserves to be talked up as one of the highlights of the Tournament.


      • kingmidget
        July 5, 2014

        Agreed, but as the announcers we have on American TV described it, the goalie completely misplayed it. He was hidden behind his wall instead of cheating towards the open side.

        The passion and “leaving nothing” is exactly what I loved about that game.


  2. kingmidget
    July 5, 2014

    Oh, and one more thing — the referee took far too long to finally throw a few yellow cards. Just ridiculous the number of fouls he called before he finally handed a couple out.


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