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The Am-Azing (Moltmaker’s) Beatles Museum, Alkmaar

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The Beatles Museum, Alkmaar, Netherlands The Beatles Museum, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Alkmaar in Holland is perhaps best known for its traditional cheese market. Burly men have paraded the streets of Alkmaar for hundreds of years, all dressed in costumes whilst selling their wares.

And there’s also a cheese market.

Perhaps less well known, however, is Alkmaar’s Beatles Museum.

Beatles Museum Alkmaar Holland

The obvious question is “Why Alkmaar?” Although the Beatles played Amsterdam in 1964, they never visited Alkmaar, and the Dutch connection is vague at best: there was that trip to the Amsterdam Hilton for the bed-in for Peace by Lennon immortalised in “The Ballad of John and Yoko”, but that’s about it.* The rumour that one of Revolver’s best loved songs began as “Gouda Get You Into My Life” is almost certainly a false one.

The story behind the museum begins with Dutch Beatles fan and collector Azing Moltmaker.

Rare beatles singles

Moltmaker’s interest in all things Beatles dates back to…

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