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Beer – #426 – Ballast Point – Indra Kunindra

I’ve had strange beers in the past, notably the Rogue Donut ones, but this Ballast Point- Indra Kunindra might set a new mark.

Brewed by Ballast Point Brewing Company in the style that is described either as a Foreign Stout or you might see it as Spice/Herb/Vegetable and they are in the lovely San DiegoCalifornia USA

“Brewed with madras curry, caynne pepper, cumin, toasted coconut, and kaffir lime leaf, Indra Kunindra is a 9% ABV stout brewed in collaboration with homebrewer Alex Tweet. It was brewed for Holiday Wine Cellar’s 46th Anniversary Homebrewers Competition. First batch at 9%, others at 7%.”

This is a 650 ml bottle (22 fl oz) of a beer that is 50IBU things, and 7% ABV. Also calories in this beer are 210 a serve size.  oh this is 3.5 standard drink units in NZ.

Indra KunindraOur India-style Export Stout is a unique collaboration with award-winning homebrewer Alex Tweet. Released in limited quantities, this explosion of South Asian flavors is reason enough to kneel down and thank the heavens. It’s further proof of San Diego’s status as a brewer’s playground, and a beer lover’s utopia.

It is then with slight trepidation that I open this.

Honestly I’m dreading this. Open. Breathe. Smell.

Indra Kunindra!Spice rack. Oranges (might be lime), Cumin.

Pour is dark dark, and has a nice head, seems to sit well in the glass.

Sip. That’s a curry in a glass!!

The taste is like liquid curry powder, lucky I was expecting and yet surprised at that.


Then you get to thinking that this is the oddest of all odd things, but you realise you drank a half a glass.

So powerful ‘curry’ aroma, and a taste that is mostly of cumin, little bit of heat burn in the back of this, but there is a softness in the drinking to, something that is flattening this out.

Don’t know what though as this is dominated by the aroma, and the cumin on the front of the palate, oh and the slight heat kick at the end. It is very subtle and clever mind.

The sort of beer that you might get out to wank off in front of your peers about your amazing new taste buds or cutting edge engagement with the new craft movement. I recall a few weeks ago talking about how sour beer was the new coming, this is the complete opposite and heading in it’s own direction.

As it warms a bit in the glass and contemplates itself you can actually if you really try pick out some coconut notes.

Overall then, an aromatic beer, with some interesting and very pointed flavour notes.  Pleasingly bitter, and with a decent amount of flavour that has both the upfront taste and the carry and finish, even if they’re at odds with what you might be expecting.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 a of its things from the thing, for audacity and sheer brazenness. I don’t think that this is simply a beer where they toss in at the end a handful of spices and hope as it’s become a standard.

I found that I had drunk the all of it, and sat her scratching my head as to why I should like it less, or why it was just plain wrong, however it’s not unpleasant, it is confrontational, and yet the drinking is easy and rewarding. The flavours are persistent and not an afterthought,

It is truly possibly the best deliberately weirdest beer I’ve ever had. 

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? Probably might have if it was also curry night  and not Sunday before the sportsball afternoon.
  2. Would I have another? I don’t think I could bring myself to.
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights?  It would be a big ask of a friendship but might be worth a go.

Today, Sunday, was a day to listen to some other musics, and so this album in on the music machine thing “Come Summer Come Blues – The Abandoned House of Micha Lueckner & Susi Tunn in 14 Songs” by Guitar.

There is no video for this, that I could find. but let me say that some of it is “artistic interpretation” or “performance art”

Bit like beer at times 🙂


Foreign Stout began with the beer that would become Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. This was a stronger, extra-hopped version of the basic Guinness Extra Stout, brewed to survive long journeys overseas. The classic FES still exists in a few different forms, but many of the original destination countries (Jamaica, Sri Lanka, etc.) now have their own, locally-produced versions. Foreign stout occupies a position between basic stout and imperial stout. It is sweeter than a basic stout, but not as robust as an imperial. It is less fruity and less hoppy as well. Foreign stouts are sometimes made with local grains and adjuncts sugar is not uncommon. Alcohol ranges from 6-8%.


Any ale or lager made with herbs, spices or vegetables. The additive should be distinctive in the aroma. See beer description for flavor. Body, color, hop character and strength vary depending on the type of spice, herb or vegetable used


6 comments on “Beer – #426 – Ballast Point – Indra Kunindra

  1. beernotwar
    July 27, 2014

    Reblogged this on BEER not WAR.


  2. beernotwar
    July 27, 2014

    Thanks for being strong and letting us know… 😉 This is the type of beverage I will give a wide berth as a rule….my “being adventurous” only goes so far lol.


    • Philip Walter
      July 27, 2014

      This was exceptionally weird, not like the Rogue Voodoo Beers, or even chilli beers, or the vanilla infused beers, it was just way way out of left field. I can go back to more normal beer now, bring on pumpkin season…..


  3. I like Ballast Point beers but haven’t had a chance to try this one yet. I’ll definitely have to check it out if I can get my hands on one.


    • Philip Walter
      July 28, 2014

      Just beware of whats coming, it’s all things weird and wonderful


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