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Beer – #474 – Bear Republic – Apex

I get to the top, bop till I drop, number up and think of parties.

My choice of beer for this is the  Bear Republic Apex. How did I not know about this beer?

Brewed by Bear Republic Brewing Company in the style that is Imperial/Double IPA and they are based in HealdsburgCalifornia  USA

I have then in front of me a 100 IBU, 8.9% ABV,  the big Ipt 6fl oz, or 22fl oz, or 650ml bottle, with 268 calories a serve, and 4.56 standard drinks bottle of beer. 100 IBU is pretty bitter, way at the top end of DIPA and BarleyWine.

Apex: The highest point, the culmination or climax. In racing, the apex of the turn is Bear Republic Apex.approached differently as conditions dictate but always with a forward looking mindset.

This beer is the culmination of years of brewing and drinking hop forward IPAs.

We reserve the right to move forward, to advance the style to the next Apex.

2009 California State Fair – Silver 2009 The Bistro Double IPA Fest – Bronze & People’s Choice 2009 Night of the Living Ales Cask Festival – 3rd Place & People’s Choice.

I am looking forward to this, what could possibly go wrong. Expecting big grassy, dry finish mouth explosion.

Apex.I was expecting more grass/hop aroma on opening but this is just the right amount, and a lovely sweetness too. Perhaps I need to dial back the expectation.

Lovely light golden pour, and a great white head of fluffiness that seems to be firm and persistent. Talent or luck?

Grassy aroma blooms in the glass. There is an awful lot more sweetness and malt in this than there is bitterness, that’s clever.

I wanted this to be more punchy and with more bite, what you get is a beer that is pretty easy to drink, isn’t bitter, doesn’t linger in the mouth or have a long finish but is easy drinking and moorish.

Perhaps it’s my sweet tooth?

I wanted more, and I hope that this isn’t the Apex of things because if that was the case then I’ve been doing it wrong!

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8 a of its things from the thing. I think because I talked myself into it more than anything is the reason that I’m disappointed in this, and I wanted to to reach to a higher point than it has.

Hard to please much?

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? No, It’s kind of failed to deliver on the pleasure of enjoyment, it’s not bad and I’m enjoying it as a beer, I’m just disappointed by it.
  2. Would I have another? Not really.
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? No, there are far more worthy beers, unless you wanted a no distraction beer, then might.

Musically, I just put on “Unknown County”  an album by New Zealand group “The Clean” – this is “Happy Lil Fella” from 1996 on the Flying Nun Record Label

Not to everyone’s taste but a bit of Kiwiana.


Imperial IPA, Double IPA or DIPA is a strong, often sweet, intensely hoppy version of the traditional India Pale Ale. Bitterness units range upward of 100 IBUs and alcohol begins at 7.5% but is more commonly in the 8.5-10% range. The flavour profile is intense all-round. Unlike barley wines, the balance is heavily towards the hops, with crystal and other malts providing support.

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