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Imperial IPA Bracket Challenge

I have drunk the beers on the right hand side of the draw, and I would have picked the finalist, now to find the beers on the left hand side of th draw…. or just the Chilliwave would be a start

Pat's Pints

An excerpt from the home page of the Pat’s Pints blog states

“Some of it (the information here) is likely to be of no use whatsoever, but if you are the kind of person who draws up brackets and seedings for a 16-beer single elimination IPA taste test, you might just enjoy what you read.”

Despite those bold words up to this point I have not followed through on that promise, making the entire premise of this site somewhat suspect.   Given that we are in the midst of March Madness, the granddaddy of significant single elimination tournaments, now seems like a good time to set things right by diving head first into beer bracket madness.

DIPA Bracket Challenge

I decided to focus on Imperial IPAs for the inaugural offering of beer bracket madness.  This was motivated largely by my desire to compare Bell’s Hopslam, Great Lakes Chillwave and Columbus Brewing Co. Bodhi. I fully realize…

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