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4:09 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

Remember this nonsense? …

Putting aside the question of mass then, bear with me it’s important or not,

There was I thinking

“What if you could shrink yourself”


You want to keep shrinking though, smaller and smaller.’

It opens up a lot of thinking

This led me to thinking about falling through the gaps between the threads in the sheet of the bed and falling to the floor. Size is relevant here, that would be a terribly long drop.

But, it then occurs to me this morning that this there is a simple and yet fatal flaw and it’s down to lack of planning.

Again putting aside the question of retention of mass, two issues of size, one of which I glossed over. I may not even have mentioned the thing about clothing. But I have plan for that.

(i) Clothing, this is an important thing. It is 4:09 bear with me. or even bare with me.

The idea of shrinkage. Presume it’s the physical self and the contained within the body. A closed system. You get around the problem of clothes but putting in your mouth small clothes that shrink with you. Clothes you are wearing don’t shrink, they’re not in the closed system. This is important, or your shrinking would go badly wrong when you were crushed by an amalgam filling that burst our of you cheek, or the salami sandwich that you had to have coming back to haunt you.

So you tuck a pair of tiny pants in your mouth. I’ve though this through, I had lots of time. You shrink in increments right, at some point you take the small pants from out of your mouth, and put them on? Am I right?  tell me I’m not?  You can shrink increments so tiny shoes are not a problem, you spit them out at the size you want and put them on. This does however limit the amount of equipment you can take with you, a story for another time.

Moving on ..

Its an atom or something1. Size. Say I’m 2.00 meters tall (I’m not, unless I’m wearing heels) but anyway I’m not, ok, and it was the once. And there was no lippy, well a bit but no eye shadow and even if there was it wasn’t blue. ok.  Say also  200 pounds

Anyway, say, just do it, say that I’m 200 cm tall (not in heels) and suddenly I’m  20cm tall (don’t worry about the mass thing I can’t imagine being 90kg/200 lbs and 20cm tall. If you can’t put the mass aside then you’re pretty much done.So put aside the problem with retention of  mass, particularly if you want to recover to a 200cm 200lb person.

It’s important here to mix the Metric and Imperial as maths is so much easier than inches and ounces. And I’m that old that I can pounds and not grams.  And isn’t it convenient 100cm and 200lbs. That’s cm a lb.  If only I was a chistmas/thanksgiving Turkey how much would I be worth.

Even this thinking is keeping me awake so I shy away and move on.

So now I’m 20cm tall.

The bed I’m on is 100cm tall, with the mattress and everything. Thats a half a body tall right, I’m 200cm tall, keep up. Anyway I’m now 20cm tall.  So the Bed is 5 times my body height.

That’s like the 2nd floor in an apartment high isn’t it? To get off the bed I have to decent 5 times my height, instead of .5.

I’m 10cm tall, this is now 20 times by height, that’s the equivalent of 40 meters (131 feet) in the air.

I’m 1cm tall, 200 times my height above the carpet, in the bedroom, on the second floor (first floor depends on the country you live in), I need a parachute to get off the bed, of I should have planned it better.

1 mm tall. I nearly gave up the maths,

I gave up the maths.

I don’t know about this being so small I can see the gaps in atomic structure.

Smaller, and then I call through the cotton threads, it’s an awful long drop to the mattress, and then smaller I fall through that, if I get through that there is that huge gap betwixt the bed frame and the carpet…  This wasn’t my best plan.

  1. Size.

Right I sorted out a better place to ‘shrink’

Smaller and smaller, no falling anywhere, it’s all a bit safe.

Smaller and smaller what could go wrong

Oh wait I know, at some point my new shrunk fixed lungs are smaller than an oxygen, I can’t breathe.

The end.


2 comments on “4:09 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

  1. kingmidget
    January 7, 2015

    You see, this is why I dread those nights when I wake up in the middle and can’t get to sleep for hours. It’s a scary, dangerous place inside the sleep-deprived mind.


    • Philip Walter
      January 7, 2015

      Someone asked me “If I start digging, and did all the way through the earth do I come out head first or feet first ? ”

      And I thought I was over-pondering


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