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Behemoth Brewing Company – ‘Tasty Beverage’

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IMAG3296Summer is winding down. And the summer of 2014-15 for New Zealand craft beer has proven to be, as many predicted, the summer of “sessionable” pale ales.

A number of diverse factors combined to put pale and hoppy beers with a low(ish) alcohol level onto (and flying off of) taps and shelves all over the country. Lower drink-driving limits, socialising in the hot summer weather that pushes drinkers towards refreshing beverages that won’t get you too drunk too quickly, and a maturing market that has seen more drinkers than ever looking for something tasty, something hoppy, but not necessarily too complex or challenging.

The signposts were clear enough that most every brewer saw what the demand coming, and nearly all – established, expanding or just starting to produce for sale – put out a beer that fitted within a general model. Less than 5% abv (often less than 4.5%), pale…

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4 comments on “Behemoth Brewing Company – ‘Tasty Beverage’

  1. Paul Ballarin
    March 7, 2015

    I think I am over the endless pale ales, you have to go to the extreme end to find interesting beers. I feel like they, the pale ales I mean have become the Fosters of the 21st century. I have a Sapporo tonight and when I looked at the back of the boorle it was brewed in Melbourne, The Sushi chef informed me the usual tap Sapporo was actually brewed in Vietnam. This is why small brewers have become so popular. You get what you pay for good or bad these guys care about the beer they make.


  2. Paul Ballarin
    March 7, 2015

    sorry, boorle = bottle, my keyboard skill deserted me temporarily.


    • Philip Walter
      March 7, 2015

      Single hop, lower ABV,.. lots of brewers doing same…. it’s $ not experimentation. I think.


  3. Paul Ballarin
    March 8, 2015

    I suppose they have to make a living, I was just on my high horse, should not have had the Sake after the Beer, or the Wine after the Sake. I just get annoyed because you walk into most bars and there is nothing on tap that is remotely interesting. Of cause I should just be going to the bars that make a point of having interesting beers.

    p.s. I was just looking at your early 10s and thought you might want to revisit some with fuller reviews now that you have become so practiced, what could go wrong?


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