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Out and About – 16Tun – Auckland Viaduct

16 TUN is a craft beer bar in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. It has a choice from 19 tap crafted beers  all from independent brewers, from all over the country.  Just this country. Nineteen ! On Tap!

There are a couple of really special things about 16 Tun.

Unlike other pubs, gastro, sports, or otherwise the atmosphere at 16 Tun is not impaired by the presence of TV monitors in the bar. Not a one. You can watch the other patrons, or talk to your partner, or the bar person.

Decor and lighting give the impression of indulgence, and some of the fixtures are artistic interpretation of plumbing fixtures. It’s quirky and impressive, different but not edgy.

I’ve been here a few times, the pictures above from a previous visit, but this time with MrsPdubyah and an old friend who loves in Wellington now for a catch up and some food and a bit of a yarn

Everything on the menu has that ‘I’d like to try that’ thing going on, from the Ruakaka Paua (abalone) Fritters, through Wings, Ribs or vegetarian options, and of course ‘sliders’

It’s almost too hard to go past a Beer tastings from their  range of  tap beers. There is a  ‘half crate’ (4 different 200ml beers), ‘6 Pack’ (6 beers) and ‘Full Crate’ (8 beers). But I did.

For me, this night, on taps they had beers that were old favourites and a couple of new ones that I wanted to try.

We ordered some food, where we had a Caesar salad, Paua fritters, pork sliders and both the normal and kumara chips to keep us going. It was enough to enjoy if not being spectacular in taste it is presented well, and everything was eaten.

They have an extensive bottles selection too, and they serve them in appropriate fancy IPA glass form Spiegelau where they can.

It is, in summary, a great place to spend an hour or two, inside in one of the booths, or at one of the big bar tables, or outside sitting on the trestles.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this one as 9 random things for the great night out, in a bar that is elegant, where the staff are attentive, and the ambience is pleasant and enjoyable. The food could have been better, and that would really be being picky and needy, however that would be the difference between Great (9) and (10) Awesome. 

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? It really is a nice place to visit, alone, or with friends.
  2. Would I have another? If I could go more often I would
  3. Would I bring  a friend and set the world to rights? Of course, next time I might have the full crate though, seems a shame to come out of a 19 tap option bar and to have to make hard choices about what not to drink.

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