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Beer – #641 – Breda – Royal Beer / Lager

A beer I drink with trepidation. Odd beer, Odd music, odd numbers and odd one out.

..a beer brewed by everyone and no one wants to own it….

500ml can of beer 5% ABV, so 150 calories a serve size,

For United Dutch Breweries this is brewed at Randalls in the style that is Pale Lager and they’re in Breda, Netherlands

Brewed by Oranjeboom, Rotterdam (Netherlands) until the early 90’s.

After the closing of Oranjeboom production was moved to Breda (Netherlands).



This brewery was called Verenigde Bierbrouwerijen Breda-Rotterdam at that time and soon to be renamed to Oranjeboom Brouwerij.

The Breda Royal brand however always still mentioned United Dutch Breweries (which translates to Verenigde Brouwerijen). On closing of Oranjeboom Brouwerij, Breda in 2004 by InBev production was moved to both Bremen and Leuven. Until 2008 when Randalls acquired the licence. Some production is also done at Hofbrauhaus Wolters (under the name Getränkeindustrie Altewiek).

So what could possibly go wrong?

Smells like a lager. That is all.

Pale is an orange golden, it looks quite nice, and has a decent head, all the things you look for in a beer.

Breda Royal LagerUnmistakable malt euro lager with a rather interesting if not odd sweetness that is a bit plastic and uncomfortably perfume like.

But it is just a euro lager \ malt lager like so many others, differentiated only in small degrees from another, and often not by that much.

It is cold, but it isn’t crisp, there is no ‘bite’ to it, and it is mostly inoffensive quaffing beer for the person with a thirst and not much by way of discernment in the moment.

Nicer though than the 3 horses, by quite a way.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 4 of its things from the thing. It isn’t an average drink, it’s below that but it’s not awful. I don’t think I’d be reaching for this even at the price it is, it isn’t worth it.

The double dip review

Am I enjoying it? Not really, it’s flavoured water.
Would I have another? Not if I could help it.
Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? No.

Music for this

I’m listening to ‘ The Hunts ‘ and Indie Folk band, which I though for a moment might have been a Mumford and Sons tribute band,  They have an album  ‘  Those Younger Days ‘  listen here on the Spotify 

I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed it, it was a bit twee and after the M&S over-exposure the last few years it might not be a wise sound to pursue. Each to their own though, it made a change and a challenge.


The colour of pale lager ranges from light bronze to nearly transparent and the alcohol anywhere from 4-6%. Adjunct usage may be quite high, though in some cases the beer is all-malt. Carbonation is typically forced, though not always. One thing that doesnt vary is that neither the malt nor the hops make much of an impression on the palate. These beers are brewed for minimum character, though faint traces of hop or malt may show through. More likely though is that adjuncts like corn will show through, or you’ll find notes of higher alcohols (fuel notes) due to the use of high-gravity brewing. The body will be thin and watery, and the finish is typically non-existent.

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