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Beer – #678 – Wild Beer – Millionaire

BeerJerkNZ beer club beer of the week then, from the company known for Sour beers then a Milk Stout! So way out of left field with this. Opposite beer, Opposite singing, Opposite number, and over there at the bar.

“..it’s like you’re a millionaire..”

I couldn’t help, and can’t help but think of Del Boy when I see the world Millionaires –  but that’s just me clearly.

This is the 330ml bottle, beer is 4.7% ABV making it 141 calories, and 1.22 standard drinks in the bottle.

Brewed by Wild Beer  in the style: Sweet Stout and they’re in Shepton Mallet, England

New Haircut. new beer

New Haircut. new beer

Sometimes a drink can make you feel so decadent it’s like you’re a millionaire; this beer wraps you in a velvety cocoon, dresses you in a smart suit and takes you out for a special night on the tiles.

Sweet and salty collide in this rich, balanced and smooth dessert stout. Lactose, caramel and high quality Valrhona cocoa nibs provide a chocolate and caramel backbone alongside the roasty malts whilst the Cornish Sea Salts gives a savoury salty kick, raising this beautiful beer above the norm.

So, what could possibly go wrong? The small amount of lactose in milk stouts is a non fermentable sugar, hence the sweet.

That is a very rich milky coffee chocolate aroma on opening

Aroma isn’t as strong in the glass, and there seems to be a more muted bitterness thing, I’ll let it warm it might bloom out. Of course I can’t pour with a head that would be unheard of 🙂

WildBeer MillionaireThat really takes ‘sweet’ in Sweet Stout to 11 on the dial, that is a sweet milky smooth drink that is nicely carbonated a little bitter and with a really nice lingering taste.

Must be one of the unexpectedly sweetest beers I’ve ever had, and whilst I like a sweeter taste the might for me be dialled up to about 11, which may be a side too much.

The winning part though is the lovely delicious delicate and smooth taste, the lovely wash over the tongue and that little bitter kick at the end, then the sweet sugar mouthfeel linger.

It’s a bit good is this, and at the lower end of the ABV scale and under 5% this is the sort of beer that you could have a few of and enjoy and still remember them.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 of its things from the thing. I wanted it to have a little more carbonation and a little more fluffy head on the pour, it’s also deceptively sweet and that is really surprising, which might be problematical if you thought you could go a few of these. I bet this is a belter from the keg.

The double dip review

  • Am I enjoying it? This is the best Sweet Stout I’ve had for a long time.
  • Would I have another? I would if I could get one.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? This is brilliant, whats not to like, (a) you love it and hanker for more (b) you get a taste for dark beers or (c) you don’t like it but it’s not a lot of beer in the bottle and you drink it and enjoy it anyway. Bit of a winner.

Music for this : ” Jakob ”  “Sines” on Spotify  Jakob is a New Zealand post-rock band, based in the Hawkes Bay city of Napier. One of the best videos I’ve watched


Dark brown to black in colour. Sweet stouts come in three main varieties – milk stout, oatmeal stout, and foreign stout. Milk stouts are made with the addition of lactose, and are sweet, low-alcohol brews. Oatmeal lends a smooth fullness of body to stouts, while foreign stouts are stronger (6.5-8% abv) and have a sweet malt profile and high esters. All of the sweet stouts are noted for their restrained roastiness in comparison with other stouts, and low hop levels.


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