A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different


699 unique and different beers.

698 selfies, because for #26 I was shy.

I’ve even posted them on Pinterest, because that seemed like a good idea at the time, where you can now see the chubby faced kid get slightly older and thinner, and who’s hair comes and goes on a regular basis, but weirdly he still seems to have some of the same t-shirts and jumpers going on.

I started to keep a list of the music I was listening to when I was having a beer


Why? because it really is most important to try new things, hence the 699 beers and now something like 400 different and new albums of music that I made notes on, starting at at around beer 290.  The  music list starts at 500 because It’s a task that I’ve got to complete, perhaps, and it’s not like it gets a lot of views.

And this is just a hobby, a thing for pleasure and not for his readership, recognition, monetary gain, rewards of brewers sending me beer to review (although I have had some and I’ve been honest about them when they have, possibly why I’m off the mailing list), and because one day perhaps I can look back and smile and wonder why.

I’ve added a few things since the first review, now I’m adding a little YouTube of a ragged looking me, of course there is the double-dip-review which I can’t remember when I added, or started, a precise tl;dr thing.  ABV, calories, drink units and IBU things, the brewer, style and location of course, and the commercial descriptions.

The random pdubyah-o-meter of course, I’ve never really worked out how that derives a number, it seems to work out ok.

But 28th December 2011 was long time ago,  almost 4 years really, or 200 weeks give or take,  or 3 1/2 beers a week, on average. I’m not sure if I’m proud or worried.

Beer #700 ? Of course there is a beer #700, after all what else is there to do with my time.

Thank you to everyone that’s read the blog, commented, encouraged, heckled,  and those that have me as a friend on Untappd, Twitter, or the FB page,




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