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Beer- #706 – Behemoth – In Ya Face

Well I hope I’m in for a treat with this one. Which being Wednesday means it’s a  Forward beer, with Forward music, Forward numbers and ends looking forward.

…Beautiful clear deep golden”

From the FYO station this is a  9% ABV, a (calculated) 110 IBU things beer, which makes it  270 calories a serve size, and 7.1  standard drinks. 100 IBU is at the top end of dIPA beers, and barleywines so it could be a bit dry at the finish.

in my face....

in my face….

Not here to fornicate with arachnids.

Full on American Hops all up in ya face.

But somehow dangerously easy to drink… be careful.

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Looks brilliant in the bottle, it’s a really nice orange bright colour.  Flipping the lid lets forth a burst of sweet grassy pine resinousnessness. It’s worth just having an inhale or two of that just to start.

Looks even more bright and golden in the glass, and has the best head on the scale of one-to-great, it’s also brilliant white in colour. Aroma settles to something more tropical and fruity.

Behemoth In Ya FaceAnd… that’s not nearly as bitter on the front as I’d braced myself for, but there is a real kick of dry at the end. In the middle, carried by a lashing of sweet malt there is a lovely balance between sweet and bitter.

A right firework of a beer that has a plentiful sweet carry that balanced and offsets that high bitterness and even mostly the smack dry finish that this has, and not a hint that this is a beer that is nearer the higher ABV than the middle, and without any real hint of that alcohol tang.

The finish though, that doesn’t calm down and a rest break might be required before the second half, which can’t come quick enough to be honest.

The brilliance of this beer and the way that you want to drink more, that can’t wait. However there is only so much to be had, and patience is called for but not answered, as I go again.

Head first into another brilliant glass of beer. I have no idea how this ended up as such easy drinking. So easy drinking. So little beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 of its things from the thing. Such a thing to brighten up the day. A beer that delivered on bitter and dryness, and then a funny thing happened. The bitterness and the dryness calmed down, unless I became immune, and this became a really innocuous under the radar beer that drew me in and then whacked me with the alcohol hammer.

It has been a while that beer took me to a really happy place, and tonight in this place and on this day this was the one, and that’ll mean that the beer giraffe has to go again and make this so I can revisit and relive a memory. Or he might not, and then I only have a memory.

The double dip review

  • Am I enjoying it? This is brilliant, really, of course I’m enjoying it.
  • Would I have another? I’d be very happy to sit her the rest of the evening and have more, however it’s a big beer really and it’d be a short evening
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights?  Bonkers not to, this is gorgeous because it starts’ all in your face’ and then becomes just the ducks nuts. I’d be happy to share this a few times, go home early ‘went to early’ and apologies another day.

Music for this : ” Funeral Advantage ”  ” Body is dead”   on Spotify of course

Might describe this as “Dream Pop”  Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, Funeral Advantage  is the brainchild of Tyler Kershaw. Formed in 2013 as a lo-fi bedroom pop project,


Imperial IPA, Double IPA or DIPA is a strong, often sweet, intensely hoppy version of the traditional India Pale Ale. Bitterness units range upward of 100 IBUs and alcohol begins at 7.5% but is more commonly in the 8.5-10% range. The flavour profile is intense all-round. Unlike barley wines, the balance is heavily towards the hops, with crystal and other malts providing support.


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