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Beer – #828 -Mash Palace – Korean Caddie

Mash Palace  Korean Caddie, because well it’s all about the new things, and I like Mash Palace brewing, they’ve done good things.

골프 하드

This is a 500ml bottle of beer with a 4.7% ABV, a beer that is a total of 1.9 standard drink units, 141 calories a serve size this, don’t need a round of golf to work that off.

Brewed by Mash Palace, in Auckland, this is in the style that is a Spice/Herb/Vegetable  offering.

Golf and me is a whole different website

Golf and me is a whole different website

To be at the top of your game, it’s no longer enough to just be kiwi and evidence suggests some Korean roots may be the midas touch. We may have gone too literal by adding some roots and some Korean influences to our pale ale, but we’re pretty sure you’ll find this spicy ale in the bottom of more than a few golf bags. Maybe even Danny and Lydia’s.

A medium bodied, NZ and US hopped, pale ale with a touch of ginger and traditional Korean chilli paste.

골프 하드

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Earthy aroma on opening this one, not much else to say about it really.

Dark bronze pour with a really nice head that didn’t and couldn’t passably last, and didn’t.

Mash Palace Korean Caddy copyReally clear beer with a strange aroma, earthy, spicy, might possibly be a big gingery.

So initially bitter, and then a wash of light chilli and a hint of something like lime to a finish that lingers. The chilli hit gets a second audience and is somewhat more pointed and stronger, in a good way, peppery and background.


You get the sense that this is a beer designed like this and not one where they just add chilli to mask an ill or underperforming bill. I’ve had a few chilli beers, just a few, and I’ve always found them a bit distracting this is different and lot more mild and accessible.

It is a great way to start an evening and a lovely beer to have as a discovery beer too (I know I’ve had chilli beer before, stop it).  Then again it’s not a spectacular beer by the standards of spectacular beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as ? of its things from the thing. It has chilli, soft amounts not biting  and is a lot softer and palatable, and that might be the downside, it’s just not aggressive enough, kind of a lay up on the 18th when you had a chance at a decent Birdie.

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? Liquorland Forrest Hill, but I’m sure it’s around in good places.
  • Am I enjoying it? I am, because it’s a great beer to have to start an evening,
  • Would I have another? I don’t know that it’s a beer you have twice, I don’t know I could, but then there are people that would and do, we’re all different.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Might as it’s a beer that has that unusual chilli bit, even if there are a few on the market, it’s still unusual. .

Music for this: ” Mulato Astatke ” on spotify 

Mulatu Astatke is an Ethiopian musician and arranger best known as the father of Ethio-jazz.

If it wasn’t worth a listen I would say so, but this is brilliant on an early Friday evening with a beer.



Any ale or lager made with herbs, spices or vegetables. The additive should be distinctive in the aroma. See beer description for flavor. Body, color, hop character and strength vary depending on the type of spice, herb or vegetable used.


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