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4:13 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

There are two things that came to the restless mind, neither of which hare important but then again they might be. .

Mind Reading. I have no idea if I’ve thought about this before but it came to the front again. There are differences between ‘Reading’ and ‘Control’ of the mind, by another.

Could you actually ‘read’ a mind. ‘read the thoughts‘ of another mind, properly read, not just intuit, a persons thoughts mood or intention, but know the thoughts of a brain not your own?

I’m pretty sure that my mind is thinking many things at the same time, consciously and unconsciously, bidden and unbidden.  Chaff and Wheat.

Surely the higgledy-piggledy nature of ‘thoughts’ would preclude you reading them and making sense of them.

Even at a negotiation table it would be hard to decipher or untangle the thoughts of the person you’re reading. It might however work in a chess match, and you’d be brilliant at pictionary or one of those ‘guess what I am’ games.

Mind Control: So then I moved on, to the  forcing my will on another mind, as a thought or compulsion. There really can be only a couple of reasons that you you could use mind control, in the real world, sex, or money.

None of that “get them to disarm their bombs” nonsense, because even in my own world where I make all the rules you have to be pretty close to the person you’re trying to influence, right? I’d have no ‘power’ over unless I was up close and personal, and I could probably get there with perseverance and application but it would be hard work. Besides which you know that  doesn’t really have any ultimate influence or actual ability to do  something, they have to get others to do their bidding, unless I totally misunderstand what the leaders of the free world really can do.

So you’d be left with your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances, people that you’d see or meet or otherwise comes into contact with. When where you’d us this mind control to being you and advantage, or perhaps even an amusement for your own gain.

A short term gain, sure you could use it for advantage in career, finances, or to gain some kind of fame, but what would you end up really doing.

And how long would your influence last? It’s not a constant connection, and if you forced a thought or decision on someone who later regretted it then they’d just change their mind. Very few decisions are made that are irrevocable and you’d have to put in the hard work to make any financial gains on a sound legal basis with a paper-trail. Or you could take up professional Poker, or Baccarat, or some other high stakes games of chance/skill for money.

Blackjack would be out though, you can’t mind-read a deck of cards.

It’s just a though and it is late at night.



2 comments on “4:13 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

  1. kingmidget
    August 2, 2016

    After spending the last week on a cruise and spending a lot of time on the boat playing blackjack, I’m somewhat disappointed at your next to last line.


    • Philip Walter
      August 2, 2016

      But you can peek at the upcoming card. Perhaps it was a poorly thought out sentence. I might have meant poker and you couldn’t mind read another players intentions. Having thought about it I’m sure you could do well at casino blackjack against the house. For a while.


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