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Beer – #836 – 8 Wired – Saison Sauvin

I had this beer as beer #5 way back when, and when I thought it was 9 on the arbitrary scale. I’ve had a few beers since then of course and wonder who this is going to stack up again.

…not a beer meant to be drunk by the gallon…

500ml bottle of a beer that is is a 7% ABV, making is 2.8 standard drink units, 50 IBU and 210 calories a serve size to round out all the numbers .

Brewed by 8 Wired Brewing this is in the style that is  Saison and they are in Warkworth, New Zealand

Saisons have been around for ages.

I'm going to keep saying it's summer..

I’m going to keep saying it’s summer..

Traditionally brewed by Belgian and French farmers to provide refreshment during harvest. I’m guessing that flavour wasn’t a main concern back then; the priority was to provide a beverage that was safe to drink, because water usually wasn’t. Never the less, over time they developed a beverage chrarissed by beer geeks of the modern world. The alcohol content was low, so the workers could consume enough to keep hydrated and still perform their job: To load the barn with enough barley for next years brewing season. I bet these hardworking, humble farmers never imagined, that centuries later, their style of brewing would inspire brewers from all over the world.

As all our beers, this is a very modern, you might say new world, interpretation of this style. Based on the tradition we have used a French Saison yeast, which provides a plethora of funky, earthy, very “Belgian” flavours. From there we have upped the ante a fair bit by doubling the amount of malt, and thereby the alcohol, and loaded the kettle with punchy Nelson Sauvin hops. Unlike the original, this is not a beer meant to be drunk by the gallon. Moderation is the key for full enjoyment of all great beers.

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Earthy grassy aroma that has a hints of sugary sweetness about it on opening, Nice. Familiar.

Lovely pour of a pale straw yellow beer that has a great head of crisp white fluff, which sadly styles but briefly it looked brilliant.

8-wired-saison-sauvinTaste is, again, familiar, and rewarding, slightly earthy and with a bitter undertone that washes over and under finishing with a crispness.  Lovely drinking beer this.

Hard to fault it as a beer of the style really. They really have made something quite nice , and have a for a long time. This is a highly regarded and rated beer on the app places.

Doesn’t take long to drink a beer like this either, the aroma, although earthy, by nature of the yeast bit, is quite nice and the balance and quality of the drink that follows the aroma is really something.

I can see why I liked it then, in a different and more measured way, I’e grown to appreciate flavours and nuance lot more.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 of its things from the thing. I was right then I’m right now. Adding more to this has actually added a lot more to this and this is a darn b=good beer of the style that is hard to go past, it’s polished and assurance delivery makes it something above a lot, but also then at the same time in some way makes it less of the style where you might expect some roughness and edgy bits. This is royalty though, class lasts and all that. Chuffed I came back.

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? A Gift, but you know it’s in the good places.
  • Am I enjoying it? This is class in a glass.
  • Would I have another? I will be seeking another on my travels.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? This is a top beer of the style of Saison which is brilliant at setting the bar, but it’s a bit measured and polished to have that ‘farmhouse’ ad hoc beer thing about it. It is very classy and I would take it out for a share session, because mad not to.

Music for this:  ” Magic Trick ” with ” Other Man’s Blues” on Spotify


Fruity esters dominate the aroma. Clarity is good with a large foamy head on top. The addition of several spices and herbs create a complex fruity or citrusy flavor. Light to medium bodied with very high carbonation. Alcohol level is medium to high.


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