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Beer – #925 – Yeastie Boys – Bigmouth

Yeastie Boys Bigmouth, the Beer Club beer of the week, and it doesn’t happen often but I thought of the the music straight away, because I’m that unoriginal. Also the oddest local beer I’ve ever had, because this one, although the Yeastie Boys  are New Zealand based, is brewed in the UK and then they’ve only gone and bought some back!

Subtle bitter and sweet tones.

This is a 330ml can of the craft beer, which has 25IBU, is 132 calories in the serve size, this is beer that is  4.4% ABV and 1.15 standard drinks locally, or 1.5 in the UK

For Yeastie Boys  this one is brewed at BrewDog and it’s in the style that is  Session IPA, Yeastie Boys are based, of course, in Wellington, New Zealand

BigMouth !

Bigmouth is an extra pale, unfiltered, hoppy session ale with a bold tropical and white wine notes from the Nelson-grown New Zealand hops.

Session IPA? Pacific Ale? Extra Pale Ale?

Call it whatever you like.

So, What could possibly go wrong?

You’ll notice that I’ve chosen the biggest mouth glass I could muster, because I’m that unoriginal.

Tell you two things, one the can wasn’t over full and I didn’t squish suds all over myself, and second that the aroma on opening is lovely grassy hop rough.

Pour is very pale yellow, and I couldn’t muster much of a head, but the aroma in the glass is still amazing.

Nice bite in this, but there is a gap to the flavour hit, but it does deliver a bit of dryness at the back, so it’s not altogether unpleasing.

It is bold in places and shy in others is what you can take from this, a beer that promises much from the aroma, and that initial sup that gave a lovely bite, but for me it falls away quite quickly and ends not with a big but a bit of whimper.

You know there are better lower alcohol beers, and the ‘session’ beers generally have to make too much of a compromise to be effective, and this isn’t really that much lower to make it stand out.

However I really am impressed with that aroma, the hoppiness upfront, it’s what happens after that leaves me a bit out of sorts.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 7 of its things from the thing. It’s ok, it has great aroma and a lovely bit of hoppiness about it, but for me it is lacking in middleness. It’s a nice lower alcohol beer, but I don’t see myself getting a few in for a sesh.

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? BeerJerk Beer Club.
  • Am I enjoying it? Yes, it’s lovely beer in many places
  • Would I have another? I could be persuaded. eventually.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? I don’t know that this fits in any particular category of I’m drinking light tonight, or is really session beer, by my own malformed concept of session beers. I don’t know that it’d light up any party, but it has lots going for it in aroma, taste and that might swing it.

Music for this:  The Smiths ” with ” The Queen is deadon Spotify 

It picked itself really – Big Mouth Strikes Strikes Again….


The term Session IPA describes a category of beers marketed for their hop-dominant flavor profiles at “sessionable” levels of alcohol. While this is typically 3.2 – 4.6 percent alcohol, a few have stretched the definition.


2 comments on “Beer – #925 – Yeastie Boys – Bigmouth

  1. kingmidget
    April 28, 2017

    I’ve never understood what a session beer is and never bothered to research it. But this one sounds good.


    • Philip Walter
      April 28, 2017

      It had some merit, but it in the uncomfortable middle ground between the low alcohol and full flavour beers.


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