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Getting the beer to come to you. HopSpot.

I like a beer. I like a different beer. I like the new beers. I like the unusual beer.

Getting your hands on the best beers available isn’t difficult, sometimes it takes a little effort and perseverance.

However,  getting your hands on the latest keg fresh best beers provides its own challenge. There are a lot of different beers, niche beers, short run beers, local festival beers, and beers that for a number of reasons don’t have wide enough distribution to make them available local to me.

Far out we’re lucky. We’re lucky to live in this fantastic country and all the good things that go along with it. We’re lucky to have super talented people creating beautiful products all over this country. Some of these super talented people chose to make beer.

But we’re not so lucky that a lot of this beer doesn’t get to see the light of day near us. It’s made in such a short supply or only in kegs that it just stays near where it was brewed making it to a few very local pubs.

Hop Spot, based in Wellington, have found a gap in the craft beer provision chain that is simple and rather clever.

“you can now have them delivered to you at the best pub in town, your home. Your seat is reserved, the DJ is amazing, and there’s no idiots. Well, maybe one.”

but wait… that’s not the best bit.

You order your choice of any 4 of their 750ml bottles, beer freshly decanted, keg fresh, that they then ship of a ridiculously low price.

Joe Cottier of HopSpot said the choice of the 750ml bottles was deliberate

“We wanted these to be big enough for people to share with a friend, but equally small enough if they were having it by themselves they could get through it – in my experience, I found that 1.25l riggers were just a bit big for me, and it ended up just being wasted if I didn’t get through it that night. “
Which can be true, there are often times when the one litre is an effort to finish, 750ml is enough to share for two, or indulge for one.

And if you can’t choose from their list (remember there’s no idiots), they put their best 4 forward as their feature packs.

Beer like you like it

Check out the small company with big potential, I know they’re good, and honestly what could possibly go wrong?

The other option:

Beer Spot : The incredible Beer Spot in Auckland will ship you any 6 beers from their 40 on-tap list.  They also use the 750ml bottles,  and  for all the 40 beers on tap! Imagine that rotation.  They are slightly more expensive, you have to order 6 beers and the shipping is slightly more. But 40 tap choices!













One comment on “Getting the beer to come to you. HopSpot.

  1. kingmidget
    June 28, 2017

    These are starting to pop up over here as well, but I don’t think it’s as cheap. I think craft brewers are taking advantage of the craze and trying to charge as much as the market will bear. So far, it doesn’t seem like they’ve priced themselves out of business yet.


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