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Beer – Came a Hot Friday – a session

As I get closer to the 1000 beers I’m doubting myself and wanting the run-up to be quality beers, or beers of note, not just this week’s special or variation on a theme.

So a beer with a twist, quirk or other theme of merit. Which isn’t easy.

But that leaves me with the other beers, and so I’m having a Friday Session. Also it’s not hot, but it’s a lovely play on words and a hat tip to book I’ve yet to finish after many years but will one day. Like this blog.

3 Beers, Couple of Albums of new music and some cheese and crackers. (on re-reading this all that turned up was the crackers!)

For the Dad’s

I start with HotWater Brewing – Casey’s Mom – a Fresh Hop IPA – This is a 355 ml can of beer that is  5.2 ABV, and that would be some calories and as a serve this is 1.5 standard drinks.

It bursts of hops as you open it. Orange golden pour, small head. Big Fruity aroma in the glass.

Intense bitter, something sharp like gooseberry or similar in this, and a nice body of some warming malt balance it somewhat.

I like this it is quite forward and has some really bright tropical notes and tastes in amongst that bitterness. Easy drinking and more-ish as well what more could you ask for.

The Pdubyah-0-Meter was at the 8 things

In the background Pink is giving her best pop musics. Beautiful Trauma by P!nk 

I move to the  Garage Project – Nitro Cereal Milk Stout – a 330ml can of beer that is  4.7% ABV, and that would be some calories and a serve of 1.2 standard drinks in this can

You have to watch a video on how to pour this, which seems to be give it a couple of shakes and then pour as quickly as you can into a glass and watch it settle, like a Guinness .

A While back the standard version in a bottle didn’t rock my world so much, but I was keen as mustard to try this new canned version with the exotic gas.

Pour is spectacular, and the aroma in the glass is malty dextrose milky, it’s looks awesome.

Body is a milky softness that doesn’t have much body or resolution to it, and there’s little mouthfeel really. It is sweet, there is no doubt, but it’s also not flavory.

It’s nice in its own way, it’s just not defined enough, I’ve no doubt that it is very accomplished brewing and this is dead on point for the style, except that when you’re competing with Guinness you might want to price-point it somewhat more competitively perhaps.

Kind of disappointing then, similar to the music which is Carry Fire by Robert Plantt  and I was expecting something harder/faster and challenging, but this seems to be a mellowed out chap strumming for a bit of fun and misplaced obligation.

The beer,  the Pdubyah-o-Meter makes it 7, it can’t climb away from that and remains just a bit average, even with the addition of the Nitro theatricals.

I’m going to crack on then with a beer from the fill station  from Fortune Favours.  I’ve got ‘The Naturalist’ an Unfiltered Pale Ale.  This is a beer that is 5.3% ABV. I’ve got 1 Litre. What could go wrong 🙂

Not the Naturist like I thought

Not a lot to be found about ‘Fortune Favours’ they’ve made a few beers and had a few mentions. They’ve got a website though. Hey I’ve got a website, you need to be where I’m looking though. They’ll be on the world tour next time I’m in Wellington though.

This is very crisp and clear for an unfitted beer though, I’m often confused though.

Nothing spectacular in the aroma, seems quite solid and together. Might be just slightly too bitter with a long lingering bitter mouthfeel. But it’s a lovely taste combination that has some aromatics and florals in there to sparkle up the taste-buds to provide a firework like journey.

This is lovely really, very approachable and enjoyable, almost quaffable, and already I think I’d be happy to site and go a few of these without too much effort.

I thought this on the Pdubyah-O-Meter was 8 of it’s thing. It’s probably a shade better than that, or could be a shade less and falling back into that unadventurous everyman type of beer that you get, you enjoy it but can’t figure out why, it pleases you but doesn’t challenge you or stretch you. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The musicals for this, because I got bored with that Robert Plant nonsense is Lotta Sea Lice by Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile.This is some discordant vocals and just out of tune or beat singing, that is both appealing and appalling. It’ll get a second play 🙂


Beautiful Trauma by P!nk

Carry Fire by Robert Plant

Lotta Sea Lice by Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile






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