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The Obligatory 2017 year in review post that you’ve been looking forward to

I made reviews on 105 beers in 2017, a bit of a drop from the 169 the year before, as I got closer to 4 digits I began to panic and put off a lot of things.

It’s hard to imagine or remember that in 2017 I felt that I only had 5 beers that were totally stand out for one reason or another. I’m either getting fussy or there were a lot of really good beers and you can’t like every beer that much.

Looking at the list I’d be happy to stand by them all as outstanding and worthy.

Musically if I scan back on the music list I picked out the following, which reflects my musical preference over anything else. The Slowdive album I’d have to pick as possibly my favourite for the year. I did listen to a lot of good music though.  Also is pays to keep a list

As I do close in on that 1,000th numbered blog review though It really is time to reflect that  1,000 beers is enough to write about for anyone.

That’s 1,000 unique beers, beers that you could have brought (except that one Carlsberg one) or can buy if you’re lucky to live where they sell them, and a couple where I ended up having them again for one reason or another.

1,000 full sized bottle of beer, from the smaller 250ml the the monster magnums. No tasters, no beer festival teaspoons, all a full serve. All written about live, sometimes with wonderful spelling and punctuation errors that I may or may not have corrected.

If I’m lucky I can knock of 998 before I go to the beach for a few days, if not then I’ve got a treat when I get back, I know what 998 and 999 are going to be, and in my head I have grand plan for the 1,000th.  Plans.. like mice and men.

Whatever it is you’re doing this festive season do it with passion, and do it well, or do it at 100% of your ability, don’t look back and wonder what if? Enjoy a good beer, or wine, enjoy some new music, enjoy life, enjoy your own company, enjoy that other people think you’re special.




2 comments on “The Obligatory 2017 year in review post that you’ve been looking forward to

  1. John Sexton
    December 26, 2017

    Phil, you really have to celebrate the 1,000th. But don’t stop after that – just use roman numerals. Try this with a beer bottle for no. 1,000


    • Philip Walter
      December 26, 2017

      Magnificent, but I’m not sure that there’s much call for Sabre topped stout.


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