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The 10 Album Challenge

You take your choice of things you want to do, of course, and I’ve listened to a lot of albums music recently. Mostly whilst drinking a beer. So this one came along,,,

“[..Just been nominated to do a top 10 album thingy by […] Some albums wont be the best of that artist, but here goes.. I nominate  Pdubyah to do his, cos hes a cheeky so and so..”

Seems like a fair call.  I’ve mulled this over and I’ve come up with a list of 11, of course.

I’ve got is albums that have moved me in some way, or resonate, relax, or have stayed with me through the years many since and more recent.

Clearly there are better albums, and arguably better albums by the artists, and you could argue that they’re all mainstream choices, but I think they’re all of their time, and the time that I was there so were they. I think that I might have half of them on original vinyl too,  like I said they’ve stayed with me a while.

I’ll still be drinking beer with the music, but the music is what it is about for the next few posts.

Thanks for reading,  I appreciate your feedback, reads, likes, and of course music suggestions.




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