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Album – 4 of 10 – Genesis – Abacab


I can hear you all laugh. But no wait, this is a great album.  After the TL;DR of the last choice I’m going to attempt to keep this short.

Genesis – Abacab  – is the eleventh studio album by the English progressive rock band Genesis, released on 18 September 1981, It marked the band’s development from their progressive roots into more accessible and pop-oriented songs, and their conscious decision to write songs unlike their previous albums.

Just the 9 tracks and 47 minutes of your time please, 6 jointly written and 3 solo written songs. Listen here.

Anther summer album, at a time when I was riding fast motorcycles and having a good time generally.

I know right !

It was about 6 months until I got me what was possibly one of the nicest bikes I’ve ever ridden, the Honda CX500 Turbo.

Suited my riding style and I had many hours of pleasure from it.

Inevitable as it seems I crashed it and a second one I had was stolen.

These thing happen.

I’d ride longish distances with a Sony Walkman and earphones on inside the helmet, an uncommon thing at the time, and yes a battery powered cassette Walkman, it was a while before good technology came along.

Abacab is an album of some memorable music and songs, but one that I can get into and  if I had to pick a best track it’d be ‘Who Dunnit?’  I like them all, and enjoy them all though.

Was it you or was it me?
Or was it he or she?
Was it A or was it B?
Or was it X or Z?

I didn’t like the follow on album “Genesis” but I quite liked “Invisible Touch” and “We can’t Dance” which followed and seemed to be the tail end of the band really. Phil Collins went off and did some of his own stuff though afterwards to mixed review.

The Beer: Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Sauvin Fresh Hop IPA, and IPA brewed locally.  Fresh Hop season, it’s wonderful.  This is a 6.5% ABV beer, that I’m going to righteously enjoy.

Hop Harvest is an exciting time of the year for brewers, where we are able to make exciting beers with whole cone hops picked fresh from the vine! This year we chose to use 100% Nelson Sauvin fresh hops, with a touch of cascade hops for depth of flavour. The result is a beautifully fresh IPA with a resinous mouthfeel

Coming up , something newer and New Zealand.


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    April 29, 2018

    No, please, no.


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