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Album – 9 of 10 – Dire Straits – Dire Straits

It would have been impossible to go past the  Dire Straits first Album for this list. Even if my favourite song is on the second album 🙂

Dire Straits 1978

Dire Straits also the first properly main-stream  concert I went to, around December 1979, The Lewisham Odeon, Lewisham, near front row, all polite and well behaved.

9 tracks at 41:34 none of which miss a note or are bad or out of place, a well polished and lovely put together debut album.

I have this on original vinyl, which seems in keeping with my 10 album list.

A lot of the lyrics seem to play to some angst, or feeling offing the little man struggling in a big world that’s hard to understand or get on top of, and a lot of them, for me, are about places that are passingly familiar or easy to find if you’ve a mind. As will a lot of music there are always phrases or chords that ar personal.

It’ be easy to pick ‘Sultans of Swing’ as the stand-out track but it isn’t, the most well known perhaps, but not the best.

Without the Vinyl

1978, what a time in your life, that 17-20 year old golden years when you’re indestructible, gorgeous, confident and still finding your place in the scheme of things.

I’m having a listen on the Vinyl version from when it was new, you can bob along on Spotify if you want to here:

Dire Straits (Remastered) by Dire Straits

The Beer:

Dugges / Stillwater Cocoa Cacao – In collaborating with Stillwater Artisanal we always focus on distinct, clear, punchy flavors. This beer is no exception. Inspired by everyone’s favorite candy, this is a chocolate bar in a bottle. Unwrap!  This is brewed by

and is in the style that is and  Imperial Stout

with the beer

This rates as a 99 out of a 100 score on the  one rating app 85 on the other,  a range of opinions.  This is a small 300cl bottle that has beer that is 11.5% ABV, which is around  345 Calories a serve size,  that’s around  3 standard drinks in NZ !

The beer is dark and the aroma is almost of overly bitter soured fruit. This is a beer that has an incredible fullness in the mouth, like a billowing cushion, and it comes with an alcohol burn at the back. It is a fine sipping beer that is all up in your face with its own cleverness.

The pdubyah-o-meter  would rate this at about 9 on a good day but probably nearer to an 8

Beer and Vinyl, a Monday. A wet and cold Queens Birthday day off, I’m having a grand old time with brilliant memories on the vinyl and a comfortable and enjoyable beer to sip along with it.


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