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Beer – #1050 – Kereru – Blueberry Stout

Kereru Blueberry Stout. A seemingly improbable mix. I’ve always thought as Kereru as more conservative brewer, but some of their recent releases make me think that they’ve been playing a long game.

smooth and sweet

Kereru Blueberry Stout a 500ml bottle of a beer that is 6.9% ABV, which is around 207 calories a serve, This is 2.7 standard drinks in New Zealand.

Kereru Blueberry Stout is a beer in the style that is in the  style of a  Stout – Flavored  and is Brewed by: Kereru Brewing Company who are in Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Stout is about right

An impressive addition of smooth and sweet, New Zealand blueberries rounds out this lovely stout to levels of amazing excellence.

Roasted dark malts are balanced by modest hop and malt bitterness, with a rich blueberry note that brings a pleasant sweetness to the beer
So, What could possibly go wrong?
The aroma is mostly of chocolate  and that milkiness you get from malt sugar,
The pour is a beer that is dark brown, and the head is coffee off white but there’s not a lot of it, but what there is sits resolute on the top.
In the glass that same chocolate and milky malt with a hint of sharper and prickly fruit.
It’s fairly full in the mouth and initially I don’t pick out anything unusual in this as a stout, i know there’s going to be a blueberry, it says on the label, right.
Which than came to the question “Have you any idea what a blueberry tastes like?”  to which I shrug and that should suggest probably not.  I do know what they are and what they taste like, I’m being disingenuous, but from memory they are not the boldest of the fruits, and seem to be one of thrones that go better in muffins.
Then that leads to the next question which is one of “so what is the taste of this beer then?” to which I shrug, and that should suggest that I don’t know really.  It’s not like I’ve got another or have had another Stout that I can make a comparative to.

But that’s not true either, because clearly there are some baselines in what a stout is, and  this has those, the chocolate from the roasted oats the milky malt,  but  it is what this doesn’t have, and  what makes this rather lovely is that there is a properly understated and clearly present soft fruit note that takes away any tart edge or tang that you might find in beer like this.

And whist Blueberries might be better in Muffins they’re just as at home in a properly nice stout.
This is beautifully lovely drinking, holds its profile and does not gather any edge or roughness about it as I take time to write, or fend of MrsPhil from what remains of the cheese and crackers.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 of its things from the thing. It is nearer to 8 /12 but I don’t do halves and use the round up method, and this deserves that as it’s rather too easy drinking and pleasing and mellow

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? Liquorland had them, but they may not now.
  • Am I enjoying it?  I really am
  • Would I have another? I would, these are not common beers though, get them or miss them
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? I would because there are lots of variations on Stout and this is one that someone has thought about, and as it happens has got right.

Music for this:  Run Home Slow by The Teskey Brothers   on the Spotify player. I will be having this on vinyl when I can get the effort to get to the store, which is in town and I am not.


Many stouts do not fit the classic “Irish” definition as exemplified by Guinness, either due to their hop or roast rates, or higher gravity (in the case of many American stouts). They are still basic stouts, however, not falling into any of the subclasses.



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