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Beer – #1,066 – Zeelandt – Mary

Zeelandt Mary – A Cherry Gose.  I’m not a fan of Sour beers, but am compelled to try them, it’s like kissing frogs, which may or may not be legal in your state.

smooth salty mouthfeel.

Mary is a svelte 330ml  bottle of a Gose Beer that is 5.8 % ABV – which is then 1.5 standard drinks in New Zealand

Zeelandt make the Mary as a Gose – Flavored beer and and they are in  🇳🇿 Napier, New Zealand

Unkempt Chap smiles

Mary is a Gose style beer made with sour cherry flavours.

Brillant cherry red in the glass.

Cherry tartness upfront and coriander on the back with a smooth salty mouthfeel.

Refreshingly drinkable.

So, What could possibly go wrong?

There’s nothing on opening this to suggest either Sour or Cherry, and all I got was a nose of yeast.

A lovely pink pour this didn’t set the world record for most or least head on a beer this year. There was a skim but not so much now.  It is a lovely clear bright cherry pink though. So it’s up there with pretty.

Knowing it’s a sour beer you imagine that this is aroma in the glass. It could be.

There’s a earthiness to this, and a dull dryness at the finish, and in the middle there’s this fizzy mouthfeel that isn’t really of anything.

I’m not really getting cherry as the flavour, I’d have expected that or marzipan perhaps, and this does have a flavour it’s just not bright or peaky enough to be able to pick it as one thing or another.

It’s an interring take on a sour beer,  I would not have picked it as a sour, but you can persuade yourself it has a salty undernote that is of a Gose. That mouthfeel is  something ‘heavy’ not ‘full’ like you can feel it puff up in the mouth full, but heavy and moody.

I don’t think I’m enjoying this as the beer I want it to be, which is an important distinction when it comes to enjoyment of a beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 7 of its things from the thing. I rounded up and 6 seemed a little cantankerous on my part.  Although 6-7 does cover “above average’, I found that I err towards 7as being average. I didn’t like the aroma, I didn’t enjoy the mouthfeel with was heavy, and I didn’t experience any thing like cherry, so not really as expected or on the label.

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? The BeerJerkNZ Store.
  • Am I enjoying it? No.
  • Would I have another? No.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? No.

Music for this:  Family Tree by Coach on some Vinyl , but listen on Spotify.

Coach is a three-piece band from Auckland comprised of Abraham Kunin (guitar/vocals), Jonathan Burgess (double bass/vocals) and Todd Beeby (drums/vocals). Their music references elements of Trinity Roots, My Bloody Valentine and Dirty Three but the sound is wholly their own.



Sour wheat beers were common in many parts of medieval and early Industrial Europe. Two styles – lambic and Berliner weisse – survived, but many others did not. Gose and Lichtenhainer are historic styles of sour wheat beer. Grodzisk is sometimes tart, sometimes not. Gose is seasoned with salt, Grodziskie and Lichtenhainer contain smoked malt. Historical sources are mixed about Lichtenhainer containing wheat, so modern interpretations may vary. Grätzer is an alternative name for Grodziskie. All three will be relatively low alcohol, with a strong wheat character, but will be distinct from classic examples of Berliner Weisse or lambic. As all we have are historical recreations, substantial differences may exist between interpretations


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